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Dryrobe Change Robe

Versatility is one of the many reasons why many water sports and fans, film/TV production crews, and outdoorsy individuals love Dryrobe. This change robe is an absolute must for all sorts of outdoor activities especially if you need to keep yourself warm and dry. Made with warm synthetic lambswool lining and water-/wind-proof outer material to ensure you which away moisture after a swim or surf, and keeping your warm and dry for longer. If you need a change robe for your next outdoor adventure, better grab a Dryrobe to experience the difference.

Dryrobe, the World’s Best Change Robe

Dryrobe was just an idea and a home-made item used by its inventor, Gideon Bright, during his teenage years. As a surfer in his teens, he used to remember freezing in the cold carparks while taking off his wetsuit after a shred. Quite skilful with a sewing machine, his mum created some sort of huge cape with waterproof outer material and towel lining, with stretchy hole for the head to pass through and a hood with fasteners.

Gideon used this hooded cape for the first time in the early 1980s while out on a surfing adventure with his buddies. They have used it to change into dry clothes and it was passed around among his pals; and at some point, he thought it got lost. The home-made hooded cape was returned to Gideon in 2013 – still in one piece, although worn out because of its age.

It wasn’t until after two decades that the first Dryrobe was introduced in the market. Gideon always thought about the waterproof and windproof changing robe, but didn’t thought about developing one. It took a cold winters day at a carpark in Croyde for him to realize it’s time to create something better than a cold, soggy towel robe he was currently using.

He got the idea of a wind- and water-proof towel change robe while visiting his relatives in Australia. Gideon spotted some folks using long, narrow fitting coats to stay warm at the poolside and re-using it after a swim. He bought one after checking it out. When he got back to the UK, he used the towel change robe as a template, and sourced out similar materials. With several revisions using different materials and fabrics, and versions with and without front zip and sleeves, the Dryrobe change robe was born. 

In 2010 while in Devon, Gideon wore the very first Dryrobe. It was indeed a good change robe that two ladies noticed him using it and asked where to buy one. His change robe is not exclusive to surfers and it has been used by other athletes in water sports and elsewhere. Dryrobe is one of those clever products that transcend beyond the needs of athletes, outdoors sports and individuals with active lifestyle, as it has landed in the hands of well-renowned brands including GoPro, PADI and Red Bull, and film/TV production companies as well. 

What features set Dryrobe apart from others? 

(1) It lets you stay warm while changing outdoors – This is the primary reason why Dryrobe came into fruition. The founder of the brand, as a UK-based surfer for over three decades, knew exactly how difficult it was to change from a dripping wetsuit and into dry clothing at a carpark during winter. Keeping warm without dropping the temperature while you’re changing in a Dryrobe is enough reason to acquire one! 

(2) Moisture-control lining – The synthetic lambswool lining wicks away the water from your skin, which dries you up instantly and insulates your body as soon as the lining touches your skin. The moisture is expelled through the lining’s natural venting as a result of the Dryrobe’s construction. 

(3) Waterproof and windproof – The Dryrobe Advance change robe’s outer shell is 100% waterproof and windproof, which provides you superb protection from the elements especially during winter time. 

(4) Full zip front – This feature is designed for quick and easy entry and exit of your Dryrobe. Quite logical most especially among lifeguards who need to stay warm while on the lookout, and to enable them to take off the robe without hassles during an emergency. 

(5) Superb design – Every Dryrobe change robe is made from a single huge sheet of fabric, without shoulder seams, and designed with simple entry/exit for the arms. The arm opening does not allow air to pass in while you’re changing into or out of your wetsuit, ensuring you are covered and warm while doing so. 

(6) Award-winning and trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands - Dryrobe has been worn numerous times in various sports events, film/TV production, and by people who need to be dry, warm and comfortable while outdoors. Huge brand names and organisations like GoPro, Red Bull, PADI, the Royal Life Saving Society of UK, Team Great Britain swimmers (Rio 2016 Olympics), the Great Britain Triathlon Team, the production teams and actors from Game of Thrones, Avengers: Endgame, and Poldark, just to name a few. 

No matter what outdoor activity or sports you love, there’s always a reason and opportunity to wear a change robe. Make sure you’ll choose Dryrobe to keep you warm, dry and comfortable while changing garments outdoors. Available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!