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Women's Knee High Socks

Women's knee and thigh high socks are made for style and comfort. They often come in varying materials that suit the needs of the wearer - may it be for her active lifestyle, her need for comfort, or to simply look amazing. The cool designs of today's knee high and thigh high socks are fresh additions to any woman's wardrobe and accessories collection, especially to those who are more fashion-conscious. Make sure to check our cool ladies thigh high socks from Stance, among many other top brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax.

Women's Knee, Over the Calf & Thigh High Socks

We've seen 60's supermodel Twiggy and Cher of the 90's movie Clueless wore ladies' knee and thigh high socks. These women from different eras enjoyed these fashion-forward socks to compete their chic getup.

But as old as the Ancient Roman times, knee-high socks have been used by both men and women. It was probably due to the cold months that made them wore leather-bounded knee-high cloth underneath their garments.

In the 18th century, European ladies have worn knee high socks underneath their floor-length gowns. Even Marie Antoinette was a fan of women's knee high socks because it was such a fad at the time, and it enabled females to enjoy some sort of secret fashion even in a very conservative period.

In the roaring 20's to the late 30's, knee high socks have provided women comfort and style. When it was still questionable to show legs and thighs, these socks provided shielding without taking away the fashion-forward appeal.

The 60's paved the way for females to wear shorter skirts and dresses, and thigh high socks for women provided a sexy but tolerable look. The overall look of this era was definitely fun and flirty, but not too over the top.

Fast forward to today's fashion trends, thigh high socks for women are designed to fit every woman's needs. From comfort to style, to protection from rough and rugged terrain for the outdoorsy types, these socks are definitely here to stay.

Our collection of Stance thigh highs are absolutely the epitome of style, function and sexiness. Check them out together with the other top brands we carry. All of this with FREE UK delivery as standard.