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Wetsuit Hoods + Caps

Wetsuit Hoods

Surfing in the cold ocean requires protective gear and attire to help prevent heat loss. One of the most important items to wear is a neoprene surf hood which aids in keeping you warm, while preventing heat loss through your head. When the waves beckon in the colder months, always wear wetsuit hoods together with your surf wear and other protective gear. You can get them here at Yakwax! We carry VisslaandXcel, among many other leading brands in surf wear and accessories. All with FREE UK delivery.

Wetsuit Hoods & Caps

No surfer wants any discomfort while shredding. But the cold months truly bring in serious concerns especially when you're not properly suited up. The first line of defence against the freezing cold waters is your surf wear and this means from head to foot.

When the temperature drops, expect freezing cold waves ahead. Thick wetsuits are great for surfing in the chilly waters, but you need to protect especially your head. The splash of icy cold water can definitely cause 'brain freeze' and you could easily lose body heat through your head.

Covering your head, ears, down to the base of your neck can be done with full surf hoods. The base can be tucked inside your wetsuit for added warmth. You can find hoods in 2mm to 7mm (thickness) which are great for nippy to freezing cold temperatures.

If you feel restricted with a full wetsuit hood, you will find neoprene surf caps as better alternatives. These do not have the extra material that can be tucked in wetsuits, but instead they mostly cover the head and ears, with a strap that is placed under the chin. Whichever style you choose, they both help in keeping you warm and in preventing heat loss.

When the weather drops, it's better to be prepared with wetsuit hoods. Get yours here at Yakwax! We carry many of today's leading brands in surf accessoriesincludingVissla and Xcel, among others. All with FREE UK delivery.