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Surfboard Fins


Surfboard fins may be small components of your board, but they make a huge impact on the overall feel and performance on water. Whether you choose twin, thruster or quad fins, your choice should be able to meet your surfing style and the types of wave you're planning to shred. If you're looking for cheap surfboard fins, you've come to the right place. Here at Yakwax, we carry the most popular brands in surfboard gear, fins andaccessoriesincluding Captain Fin Co, FCSand Futures,among many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop today!

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins stabilise and help control your board on water. Without them, a surfboard will only slide around the wave's surface and the surfer - unless he or she is a control pro - will only fall off the board butt first.

The very first fins were glassed permanently onto surfboards. They are the purists' choice for performance and aesthetics. However, they are not as practical and cost-effective as the removable type that amateurs and pros appreciate more. Glassed or laminated fins are expensive especially when you need to replace a damaged one. This is one of the main reasons why removable fins were introduced and openly accepted by surfing enthusiasts.

However, the main problem faced by surfers is the endless options. There are countless combinations you can do, but the key consideration is how you will perform on the water. The most common practice nowadays is the use of thruster fins because they add control, stability and manoeuvrability that both pros and beginners excel at.

Among the top brands in the industry are FCS and Futures with an array of innovative options that appeal to the modern surfer. The FCS II, FCS Dual Tab, Futures Single Tab, as well as longboard single fins are just some of the most popular fin designs to choose from.

Need new surfboard fins but don't know which ones? Check out our helpfulsurfboard fins guide that will explain everything you ever need to know.

We carry the most popular brands in surfing accessories such as Dakine,FuturesandNorthcore, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!