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Yakwax is an independent surf, skate and snow shop in Guernsey, Channel Islands with over a decade of existence in the business. As a brand, we have a roster of our own skate/street style clothing and accessories, plus a rad collection of skateboard decks at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves with top-notch customer service and free delivery all over the UK. If you're looking for original Yakwax tops and decks, please browse below to see what fits your style. All with FREE UK delivery when you order!

Yakwax Surf, Skate and Snow Clothing and Accessories

Filling the Need for Proper Equipment and Clothing

First and foremost, Yakwax is a specialised shop that brought the most in-demand brands that the local skate and surf community are missing out on. Prior to establishment in 2002, the local surfers and skaters did not have plenty of options when it comes to gear, accessories, apparel and other necessities for their favourite boardsports. Likewise, the people behind the brand and retail store - Robin Ozanne, Johnny Wallbridge and Liam Gleeson - who are skaters and surfers themselves, were among those who are constantly seeking for the right products and eventually found a way to fill the demand.

Excellent Customer Service is Key

With 60 years of surfing and skateboarding experience between them, the guys behind Yakwax know and understand first-hand the needs of their customers. Whether at the actual store in Guernsey or via the e-commerce store, customers can expect only the best customer service while shopping for the latest skate, surf or snowboard gear and clothing.

A Retailer with a Brand of Its Own

Yakwax is Guernsey's leading retailer of premium clothing, gear and accessories for surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Although considered as a sports-related shop, we also have our own brand of skate decks, logo tees and hoodies, kids' rash vests, and accessories that are available in various colours.

As with many other skate and surf brands, having our own brand of products to offer is our pride and joy especially when we see someone wearing a t-shirt or shredding the streets with our deck. We have also collaborated with some of our skater friends to produce the Cuntry Lane collection of decks which you can also find here at our store.

Throughout the years, Yakwax also received great support from the local community. The perfect combination of high-quality skate, surf and snowboard products at competitive prices and excellent customer service continue to help the business thrive both offline and online.

So, if you are looking for a new brand to add to your favourites, Yakwax skate decks and clothing are must-haves for any sporty or laid-back situation. All with FREE UK delivery when you order!