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Sour skate decks and apparel are known for their clean and crisp graphic designs. The brand has Scandinavian roots but currently based in Spain, and run by a great team of skaters. They love making videos in popular locations, showcasing their stylish and technical skills. Sour skate products are primarily created for function and comfort, with graphics inspired by pop culture and the latest trends. Their classy colourful decks, shirts, caps, hoodies and accessories can be easily mixed and matched to fit any skate and street style. Shop for the latest Sour skateboard decks and apparel here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery.

Sour Skateboard Decks and Clothing - UK Store

Sour skateboard decks and apparel have made their mark in the industry as one of the numerous brands 'by skaters for skaters'. One would think that it is the answer to Sweet skateboards, which is another European brand with Swedish roots.

In fact, Sour is a brand that originated from Sweet during the early 2000's, and it was formed by majority of the latter's skate team when the CEO decided to leave the company after selling portions of it to investors.

At first, the skaters didn't mind the situation on the business side. But as the selling of the company progressed, they thought of what would happen to them since the CEO left and it's just the team and the investors. It was a matter of 'do we keep our jobs, what will happen now, are we done' among the skaters since they are totally disconnected from the business side of the company since the day they began riding for Sweet.

A Sour Beginning to a Sweet Ending?

Sort of...

Sour, for a very short period of time, was able to create a name for itself beyond the Scandinavian border. It is one of the industry's gradually growing brands run by skaters. The crew was able to gain traction and recognition through their videos, featuring some of Europe's sickest tricks masters.

The launch of the Sour Solution video in 2015 marked the beginning of Sour, the skate brand.

Sour was fortunate enough to have a founding team with a strong history together; thus, making the change and evolving into a skate company and establishing as a skate brand a little bit easier.

Sour has its roots in Sweden, but the brand itself and the skaters who formed it are based in Barcelona, headed by team manager Björn Holmenäs. We've read in some of their interviews that what they (the skate team) did for Sweet was 'sour' - probably referring to the technical skills and tricks involved in creating videos for the company and/or the separate worlds of the Sweet management and the skate team.

The Sour team includes Josef Scott Jatta, Gustav Tonnessen, Erik J. Pettersson, Albert Nyberg, Niss Ingemarsson, Jonas Skroder, Daniel Spangs, Koffee Hallgren and Barney Page. You'll often see them on the streets of Barcelona and some of the famous spots in the area which serve as backdrops for the brand's kate videos.

As brand owners, the skaters are at the core of their business - making decisions among themselves and they are not just merely team riders who carry the brand for marketing purposes. The Sour skaters are responsible for the direction of the company and the design aesthetics as well.

Clean Lines and Uncomplicated Designs, Prevalent in Sour Skate Products

Sour skate decks and apparel are easy to spot based on their 'hour glass' logo and uncomplicated design prints. The team like to keep it clean, simple and classy, but definitely standing out in the already saturated industry.

When you need to update your skate deck and clothing for the next season, Sour is a highly recommended brand that can attract a wide range of skaters and street style fans. You can choose from their great selection of decks, t-shirts, hoodies, rain jackets, caps and accessories to match your individual style.

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