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Men's Belts

Men's Belts

Like most of men's accessories,belts provide function and style to any wearer. They keep your favourite trousers or shorts in place when you're riding your skateboard, while ensuring you've got the right look and style for your favourite activity. Belts for men are either worn underneath shirts or shown fully or partially with tucked tops, depending on individual style. Check our collection of cool belts from some of the top brands in street, skate and surf wear such as Dakine,DC, Globe, Lowlife, Primitive, Rustyand Volcom. All with FREE UK delivery when your shop at Yakwax!

Belts For Men

More than just a fashion item, men's belts are deemed essential and functional for board riders. The need to keep shorts and trousers securely in place while shredding the streets, snow or ocean waves make belts more important than ever.

Often worn underneath un-tucked t-shirts and other tops, men's belts don't always make a grand appearance when worn by board riders and sporty guys. Depending on your mood and style on a particular day, your belt could either be just a fashion piece or a style and functional piece altogether.

Belts are essentially used to break the mid-section in half which can sometimes create a shortening optical effect on the wearer. For taller guys, this effect is not as pronounced so they can wear any colour and style. On the other hand, if you are an average height or shorter than typical guys your age, you can wear one that match the hues of your top or shorts/trousers to make the vertical cutting line less pronounced. You can either wear leather, standard or web belt, depending on your getup and your personal taste.

Upgrade your style with in our cool and stylish collection of men's belts from renowned street, skate and surf wear brands Dakine,DC, Globe, Lowlife, Primitive, Rusty and Volcom. Get our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!