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Hurley is a well-established brand that's loved by surfers across the globe. The innovation in Hurley's award-winning Phantom boardshorts is a testament to the technology and aesthetic that come with the surf products they produce. Aside from innovative products, Hurley is definitely one of the leading brands that are inclusive and athlete-focused. From surf shorts to full wetsuits, to bikinis and rashies, you'll definitely see more and more people wearing a Hurley product whenever there's sunshine and water. Shop for your Hurley surf and swim apparel here at Yakwax and get our sick FREE UK delivery service as standard.

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For many surfers and almost anyone who loves the beach a brand that strongly resonates is Hurley. It is a subsidiary of Nike - the sportswear and footwear giant - and together they took the surf brand into new heights through innovation and quality.

Hurley is all about positivity, beach culture, inclusivity, and the constantly changing waves of the oceans. All of these attributes are evident in the designs and technological advancements used on their products.

The brand's pro surf team is consist of Lakey Peterson, Carissa Moore, Julian Wilson, John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin and Miguel Pupo to name just a few.

Deep Roots in Surfing

The company was founded by a surfboard shaper named Bob Hurley who admits he's not a good pro surfer like his friends. Bob learned how to shape boards at age twenty one and worked for Infinity, Lightning Bolt, Wave Tools and other board labels. In 1978 he opened Hurley Surfboards - a small factory and retail outlet in Huntington Beach, California. Bob shaped numerous boards for many world class surfers across the globe.

From Billabong to Hurley

Bob was still shaping boards when he and his business manager Joe K. came across a hot Aussie surf wear brand, Billabong. In 1982, the two guys started pursuing the company. Bob became interested in Billabong because of their long, punk-rock boardshorts.

Billabong USA became a separate entity and licensee for the Aussie company. With help from Bob's family and friends, he was able to gather up enough cash to pay for the license.

Around mid-80's, Billabong USA was killing it. Bob's team took charge of the design, sourcing, marketing and financing. They were advanced thinkers and they do things outside of the box. In 1997, Billabong USA generated revenue of $60 Million and became one of the household names in surf wear.

Billabong USA was observant and took notice of the shifting interests of their core consumers. Modern surfers are not confined to only boardshorts and wetsuits as they also loved fashion, music, the arts, and other board sports. The team started re-thinking of what it meant to be a surf brand; and by early 1998, the team was devising a new idea.

In the same year, Billabong USA's license agreement was up for renewal. The team's new vision essentially did not serve Billabong's interest. By the end of 1998, the team gave back the license to Billabong and was determined to launch Hurley.

A Well-Positioned Brand During the Surfing Boom

Aside from putting out quality surf apparel, Hurley was in the best position to market their products through various channels. First was signing up the best team riders with no less than Rob Machado, Tim Curran, the Malloy brothers, and Pat O'Connell.

Reaching a different market called for a breakout band that dominated the MTV scene in the late 90's. Blink 182 was a fast-rising punk band that often appeared on stage wearing Hurley t-shirts and hats.

And there were the contests and pro tours sponsored by the company. The US Open of Surfing and Hurley Pro at Trestles are just two of the largest and most successful events supported by the company.

Nike Acquisition

In 2002, Nike acquired Hurley for a reported $120 Million. Many speculators believed that Nike bought Hurley because it was difficult for them to penetrate the global surfing industry. The reception to Nike's surf products was lukewarm when it launched many years ago.

Bob still ruled the Hurley brand until his retirement in 2016. He will take upon a new role that's focused on building the surfing community and broadening Nike's relationships with top athletes.

Today's reception of Hurley as Nike's surf subsidiary has already earned them hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The combination of a visionary founder and his marketing prowess, coupled with the technology by Nike, are just some of the factors that allow surfers, swimmers and casual fans to enjoy quality products.

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