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When buying a skateboard, you have two options; either to buy a complete skateboard where parts are built together in full set-up or a custom one where you can decide with parts and designs that you think are suitable for your needs. For beginners, buying completes is the best way to go. Get your feet on complete skateboards at Yakwax. We have a skateboard for every age and level of expertise from leading brands Girl, Rocket Skateboards and Tony Hawk. All with FREE UK delivery!

Complete Skateboards

Skateboarding is a unique and challenging sport that many young and aspiring individuals would love to try. But first and foremost, it is essential to start with a complete skateboard. This is a necessary step if you are still a beginner and not yet familiar with the hardware, accessories and tools required to build a skateboard from scratch.

Completes are the most common option for beginners because of its practicality and convenience. They are fully assembled boards with all the necessary parts such as the deck, trucks and wheels.

A few tips to help you buy a complete skateboard:

  • Complete skateboards are available in two options - shorter one for skateparks, street and ramps; and longboards for cruising around. 
  • Check the deck. The deck is the flat wood which you stand on when you skate. Depending on what type of skateboarding you to do, you can choose a skate deck by considering these factors - width, length and concave as per your needs.
  • Buy from a reputable brand. While it is easy to pick a cheaper complete skateboard, it is most ideal to choose one from a renowned brand. Price points may vary and branded completes are not cheap either; but you can expect top-notch quality.

Look no further! 
At Yakwax we carry iconic complete skateboard brands such as Girl, Rocket Skateboards and Tony Hawk. All with FREE UK delivery.