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Gorilla Surf

Gorilla Surf

Gorilla Surf is known for their surfboard tail pads which are made of lightweight EVA foam that comes with super strength glue. Formerly known as Gorilla Grip, the company's been in business for three decades and have provided some of the first traction pads available commercially. Gorilla continues to revolutionise the tail pad by improving the gripping capability and aesthetic. Their tail pads are among the coolest, craziest and most colourful surf products you'll find today. Shop for Gorilla tail pads, leashes, fins and more surfing accessories with our awesome FREE UK delivery service only here at Yakwax.

Gorilla Surf Tail Pads, Leashes & Accessories - UK Store

The early days of surfing has opened up various opportunities for a number of product innovators. Among them was Gorilla Surf (a.k.a. Gorilla Grip back in the day) which introduced the traction pad in 1985.

Traction pads provide a surfer's rear foot more grip on the board which allows for harder manoeuvres without the worries of not having enough wax for proper grip and footing. Gorilla's tail pads use cutting edge technology, high-quality lightweight EVA and PE foams with interlinking grooves and heel arches that enable the tightest grip possible. Premium quality industrial grade adhesive is used to ensure the pad sticks firmly onto your board while you're out there shredding even the wildest waves.

Other core surf product offerings by Gorilla include board socks, fins, leashes and accessories - all of which are high-quality, stylish and edgy. Quite often, these products appeal to the younger generation of surfers because of their unique but weird, fun and wacky designs and bright colours.

With great traction pads comes an equally great team of pro surfers. Gorilla Surf boasts a list of surfers including (Australia) Ozzie Wrong, Kai Otton, Kyuss King, Otis Carey, Matty Wilkinson, (USA) Erick Geiselman, Nick Rozsa and Andrew Doheny.

Rocket Block and the Gripping Stuff

Gorilla's tail pad deck grip was coined 'the original traction pad' and was named Rocket Block in the 1980's. This product kicked-off the evolution of the traction pad and soon enough, the company's range of surfboard grip pads began.

Surfers everywhere have adopted the use of grip pads. Gorilla's elite team of pro surfers were killing the Pro Tour with full deck grips. Team rider Damien Hardman won the world title using a full deck in 1987.

In the late 80's to early 90's, the cult video series "Gripping stuff" were launched by the brand. These surfing documentaries were under the production of Tim Bonython and Jason Muir. The videos feature radical surfing in contrasting and phosphorescent colours.

Three Decades and Still Gripping

Gorilla Surf keeps on innovating their product offerings. They have been merging function and fashion in their designs, continuously improving their traction patterns, and introduced the first printed tail pads around the early 2000's.

The beginning of the millennium also marked the end of Gorilla Grip and the beginning of Gorilla Surf. With this name change, the company also made major changes within a few years after. That's why we see more wacky and fun designs and colours instead of the usual solids and standard designs on tail pads and other surf accessories in the market.

From this point on, we can be sure to find more unique and engaging designs from Gorilla. Their website even exudes the same vibe as their products. Their pro team members are jovial, weird and wacky in their own way when you look into their photo galleries. Without a doubt, Gorilla is a fun-loving and dedicated company that continues to wow surfers and surf fans across the globe.

If you want uniquely designed tail pads and other surfing accessories, you can count on Gorilla to deliver the goods. Shop their entire range with our Epic FREE UK delivery Service only here at Yakwax.