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Independent French skate brand Magenta provides decks, wheels, grip tape, clothing and collaborative footwear and accessories. What’s notable about the brand is their tasteful and well-thought of graphics and artwork, particularly on their deck and clothing lines. If you love skateboarding, art, culture and the environment, Magenta is the perfect brand to meet your needs, both skating style and performance-wise. Get their latest skate decks, clothing and accessories right here at Yakwax with our rad FREE UK delivery!

Magenta Skateboard Decks & Clothing

Magenta was founded in 2010 by French skaters/brothers Vivien and Jean Feil, and their good friend Soy Panday. The company is currently based in Bordeaux, France. The name ‘Magenta’ was the name of the boulevard in Paris where Vivien and Soy used to reside as roommates and where they met most of their skating friends. It was also the place where friends would crash if they are visiting Paris.

The founders wanted to create a skate brand that’s different from what big corporations are offering and, in particular, how they are running and marketing their brand. Although the company is based in France, it has reached a global audience with strong connections in Japan and a growing presence in the USA.

The brand is known for their unique and interesting graphics especially their one-off and artist series. The brand’s logo is also quite interesting and uncommon in the skating world. It is said that the ‘plant with one prominent leaf’ logo represents the connection of something to everything, no matter how different or unique you want it to be.

Currently, the Magenta riding team includes Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Soy Panday, Jimmy Lannon, Ben Gore, Glen Fox and Zach Lyons.

Notable Collaborations

Adidas - Magenta has collaborated with Adidas Skateboarding in 2015 and 2017. The spring/summer 2015 “A -League” capsule collection featured the return of the renowned Adidas skate shoe silhouette with soccer-inspired jersey. The 2017 fall collaboration included footwear and contemporary street style apparel inspired by football, court and track apparel with focus on premium design and creativity. This collaboration is accompanied by a rad video titled “Boulevard Magenta”.

DC Shoe Co. USA – DC collaborated with Magenta in October 2018 to produce a one of a kind capsule collection which includes an exclusive pair of skate shoes, shirts, hats and pants with both of the brands’ notable design styles and innovations.

State Footwear - This footwear collab resulted to a rad pair of technical skate shoes, shirts and hats all designed to provide comfort and durability. Available in three colour schemes – desert, black cherry and navy.

Magenta is one of the very few skate brands that truly stick with their roots and design aesthetic. Their signature designs and prints make their skate products stand out from the rest. If you’re the type of skater who appreciates clean and artsy design on a skate deck, clothing and accessories, you will appreciate Magenta’s latest offerings, one-off series and collaborative products.

Browse our collection of Magenta skate decks, apparel and accessories to see what fits your style. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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