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Tie Down Straps

Tie Down Straps

For a super easy way of strapping your surfboards, SUP, kayaks and many more things onto the roof of your car, tie down straps are the most practical solution. They may be small, but definitely built tough. They offer ease of use, so no matter if you live just a few minutes away from the beach or you're doing a European road trip, these straps will keep your gear in place even at motorway speeds. Brands like Dakine, FCS and Ocean And Earth offer awesome quality tie downs that work great with roof racks on a variety of vehicles. Shop yours today at Yakwax and getFREE UK delivery!

Tie Down Straps For Car Roof Racks

If you surf and have a car that you can't fit your board in, then you need to learn how to securely tie down your boards to the roof. One way to do this is to invest on premium quality straps that provide ultimate support needed to prevent your loads from sliding. When it comes to durability and quality of straps, one of the most popular choices are tie down straps made by top surf brands like Dakine, FCS and Ocean And Earth.

Safety Tips When Transporting Your Surfboards

One of the most important considerations when transporting your surfboards, Kayaks, SUPs and any other large load is how you will keep it safe for others and yourself. Below are a few safety tips you can implement on your next surfing road trip:

  1. Make sure the tie down straps for your car roof racks are attached to solid points. It is important that the straps are properly hooked to the roof bars or metal frame and not onto plastic.
  2. Drive slowly and mindfully. Car speed affects the impact of wind on your vehicle's roof and it can be dangerous to drive faster while it is loaded with cargo. Make sure to control your speed particularly during turns. Note: A well-tied down load with quality straps will be able to handle any European motorway with ease.
  3. Check tie down strap connections intermittently. Better check a few times because you can't tell when the straps may come loose even with all the preparations.

If you need quality tie down straps as car accessories or as a requisite gear for your roof racks, shop online today at Yakwax and score our amazing FREE UK delivery.