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Car Soft Racks

Soft Racks

Travelling back and forth to the beach is how surfboard dings can easily happen. In order to avoid this problem, securing a soft roof rack on your car is a must if you don't have enough space inside your vehicle. Car soft roof racks are very handy, safe and functional since they can be easily attached on your vehicle's roof with sturdy straps. The rack features a soft padded fabric underneath to ensure your board is free from potential dings, pressure dents and scratches. Browse our great selection of surfboard soft racks online from top brands like Dakine, FCS and Ocean And Earth, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery!

Car Soft Roof Racks

Car soft roof racks are among the accessories that every surfer should invest on. They are designed to protect and secure your surfboard when it's time to hit the road for the next great surfing adventure. Other surfers have learned the hard way when a roof rack was not yet available at their disposal. Without it, a surfboard is at risk of getting damaged in the form of dings, pressure dents, cracks or scratches.

When buying auto accessories such as roof racks, there are a few considerations though. The price, styles, features, type of car you have, your car's ability to hold a surfboard rack, and the number of surfboards/SUP or Kayak you're planning to take with you on road trips will help determine which one is best for your specific needs.

Top brands like Dakine,FCSandOcean And Earth offer high-quality soft racks with features such as durable nylon webbing straps and fastening system; pads and nylon cover; heavy duty webbing; strong buckles; and reinforced PVC panels suitable for any 4-door or 5-door vehicles. They are lightweight and often available with a bag to keep everything organised after use.

Get your car a soft roof rack right for your next surfing road trip. Enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!