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Car Hard Rack Pads

Hard Rack Pads

Car roof racks work well especially when combined with roof rack pads. These pads offer ultimate protection for your surfboards, SUP's, kayaks and anything else you might want to securely strap down on your vehicle's roof. Common features of hard/fixed roof rack pads include compression damage shield; durable cushioned pads; resealable bag; hook and loop closure; and high density foam padding. With car hard/fixed roof rack pads from FCS, Northcore and Tiki you are always ready to hit the road for the next greatest adventure! Get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery.

Car Hard/Fixed Roof Rack Pads

Whether you're traveling with friends or family for a beach getaway, going solo for a surfing competition or a month-long road trip round Europe, you certainly wouldn't want your surfboard to be compromised. If you're in a position where you need to mount your board to the roof, make sure it is safe and protected by accompanying your fixed roof rack system with a set of hard rack soft pads.

When it comes to safety and protection of your surfboard, nothing beats the role of a car roof rack. But a system without pads can be quite undependable, so in order for a surfboard rack to do its job effectively without damaging your boards, you will need a pair of car hard/fixed roof rack pads to fasten your boards down firmly and safely. With the pads installed on your surfboard rack, you can travel with ease without worrying about dings or damages.

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