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Women's Wetsuit Shorts

If there are surf and swim shorts versatile enough for women to wear all-year round, these are wetsuit shorts. Often made with neoprene in 2mm to 3mm versions, women's wetsuit shorts can be worn alone in the summertime or as inner layer during the winter months. Many women prefer to wear them especially those involved in surfing and other water sports because of their flexibility, protective attributes and warmth. Get them right here at Yakwax from some of today's top brands in surf and swim wear. All with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuit Shorts For Women

In the recent years, may women have shown interest and eventually engaged in water sports. Many of them love to surf and swim in the blue ocean waters, while others are more involved in kayaking, water skiing and paddle boarding. All these water sports and adventures require proper attire not just because it is cool, but because it is a necessity.

The summer months in the UK may be warm, but the ocean waters remain chilly especially in the morning. Although you can choose to wear bikini bottoms or light boardshorts, these do not provide the amount of warmth you'll need to stay in/on the water for a little longer. Women's wetsuit shorts made of neoprene is the ideal choice among pros and water sports enthusiasts since this material provides insulation that allows the wearer to withstand chilly waters.

In the winter, these shorts can be worn as inner layer for added warmth and protection. However, we've seen many women enjoy wearing them no matter the weather and season. These shorts provide flexibility, comfort, warmth and freedom of movement especially for active female boardsports lovers.

Get your new pair of women's wetsuit shorts right here at Yakwax! We carry many of today's top brands in surf and swim wear. All with FREE UK delivery.

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