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Kids Wetsuit Shorts

Any swim or surf wear that's comfortable, insulating and with UV protection is great for children. For warm weather and nippy waters, children's wetsuit shorts are best paired with rash vests or neoprene tops or jackets. These not only keep your kids warm, but also reduce the risks of getting rashes from boards and provide UPF 50+ UV protection. Get the best children's wetsuit shorts right here at Yakwax! We carry numerous top brands in children's wetsuits and swim/surf wear. All with FREE UK delivery.

Surfing and Water Sports Wetsuit Shorts For Kids

The summer months always remind parents that it's time for kids to go out and enjoy their favourite activities. When the sun is up and the weather is warm, kids are excited and looking forward to trips to the nearest beach. This is the best season for them to get a bit of tan (but with proper guidance and lots of care) and learn water activities that strengthen their bones and muscles.

The risks, though, are quite concerning. There are harmful UV rays, nippy ocean waters especially in the UK's side of the globe, and risks of getting rashes from surf and paddle boards. The first line of protection especially during summer is your kid's swim and surf wear. In the summer months, it's best to provide children with kids' wetsuit shorts and tops especially if they love to stay in the water for a longer time.

Neoprene and poly pro are the most common materials used in any type of children's wetsuits. The weather is usually the deciding factor when it comes to the thickness of the suit. For children's wetsuit shorts and tops, 1mm-2mm are ideal for the nippy summer mornings at the beach. They often come with UV protection and are quite comfortable, flexible and insulating.

Get the best wetsuit shorts for kids from the world's best brands we carry. Enjoy incredible FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!