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Men's Wetsuit Shorts

Wetsuit shorts are versatile bottom wear that ocean-lovers should have in their wardrobe. Often made of neoprene and poly pro, these shorts were definitely made for the water. They are worn either on their own particularly in the summer, or as inner layer underneath a full wetsuit when the weather and water are too cold. Get your men's wetsuit shorts right here at Yakwax! We carry Xcel and other popular brands in surf and swim wear. All with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuit Shorts For Men

The summer months are reason enough to go to the beach and enjoy the waters. For water sports enthusiasts, a comfortable and flexible bottomwear is essential to be able to achieve the day's goals in or on the water.

For the guy who enjoys all sorts of water sports, men's wetsuit shorts have a place in his wardrobe aside from the usual boardshorts and wetsuits. These are great for the summer months and worn alone or matched with either a rash vest or tank top. The resulting attire is quite common in and on the water since pros and amateurs in water sports love wearing them in the warmer months.

The most common material used in wetsuit shorts is neoprene since it is able to provide thermal insulation and flexible enough to let the wearer move around. You will find 1mm and 2mm men's wetsuit shorts that are well-suited for the summer months, but quite versatile and useful in the winter months as well.

When you love surfing and other water sports, make sure you have wetsuit shorts readily available for your summer getaway and water activities. Get yours here at Yakwax together with our incredible FREE UK delivery!