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8ft Leash

8ft Surfboard Leash

A long surfboard definitely requires a long leash mainly for safety and drag. The basic rule is to get a leash that's at least a foot longer than your surfboard; so if you have a 7-foot board, using 8-foot leash is highly recommended. If you need regular and premium 8ft leashes, FCS and Ocean And Earth are among the primary go-to brands. You can get them right here at Yakwax together with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

8ft Leashes for Surfboards, Mini Mals and Big Wave Boards

A leash or leg rope is a handy surf gear that allows you to swim without worrying about wiping out or swimming back to the shore to get your board. It also keeps your board from crashing onto other surfers, going to the shorelines and from drifting far beyond your reach.

Choosing the right leash based on your board size, skill level and preferred thickness is very important to ensure that it serves you well. You'll want to get one that's at least a foot longer or has the same length as your board. This is essential especially if you're a newbie or whenever you are shredding the big waves.

Here at Yakwax, we have exceptional lines of FCSandOcean And Earth regular and premium leashes that provide top-notch quality, durability and comfort to surfers. 8ft leashes are ideal for surfboards, longboards and SUPs, and they usually include original rail savers, cuffs, deluxe straps and flex neck strap plugs.

An 8ft leash offers all the benefits of premium surf gear that are perfect for all types of surfers. Get yours here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!