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5ft Leash

5ft Surfboard Leash

In surfing, being hit by the huge waves and losing your board are just two of the major challenges. To prevent this with confidence, gear up with a reliable surfboard leash! A leash will ensure that your board can easily be reached when you wipeout; plus it is an excellent way to keep yourself or someone safe all the time. Yakwax offers quality 5 Ft surfboard leashes from Channel Islands, Dakine, FCS plus Ocean And Earth with superior comfort, lightweight performance and strength. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

5ft Regular and Comp Leashes for Surfboards

Surfing is an extreme water sport where you will experience different challenges with waves. Sometimes the waves are gentle, other times they rage and pound with potentially destructive force. That said, wipeouts can happen for a number of reasons.

During wipeouts, the rider falls and becomes separated from the board. In order to keep your board easy to reach after being washed away, you need a quality and reliable leash. Surfboard leashes are made from a flexible PU cord that is attached to the board and the rider. They're available in different lengths and thicknesses depending on the surfer's need, which mainly revolves around their board size and the waves they are surfing.

It is imperative to understand what type of leash to use for a particular wave condition and the surfer's skill level. There are leashes for beginners, amateurs and professionals. But for smaller waves, it is ideal to get a 6-ft in leash for your board; but a 5-ft leash is a smart choice.

5 ft surfboard leashes from brands like Channel Islands, Dakine, FCS and Ocean And Earth are some of the strongest leashes on the market and they are primarily designed for high-performance surfing. Shop for quality surfboard gear and leashes right here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!