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Bodyboard Leashes

Bodyboard Leashes

A bodyboard is made from different types of foam and it is typically shorter than a surfboard, usually ranging from 38 to 43 inches in length. Like surfboarding, bodyboarding or boogieboarding, is a fun popular water activity for anyone who's brave enough to overcome the crest and curl of a wave. Bodyboarders use swim fins and leashes for movement and flexibility. If you love bodyboarding, you should also stock on bodyboard leashes especially by world-renowned brands like Hydro and Ocean And Earth. Get them here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Bodyboard Leashes - Online UK Shop

A bodyboard leash is essential for both beginner and advanced bodyboarder. It is a functional accessory that connects the rider (from the arm) to the board. While some riders find bodyboard leashesa little uncomfortable, these are quite necessary for safety and easy retrieval of your board.

Whether you prefer wearing your leash on your wrist or bicep, it is important to always wear it whenever you head out in the water. Basically, this leash has the same function as your typical surfboard leash. The main difference is the location of the leash attachment on the rider.

Whichever type of bodyboard leash you choose, always look for one that is made of high-quality material such as polyurethane cord for the coil, high-end plastic for the plug, and brass swivel at the strap's joint.

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