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FCS II Surfboard Fins

The fins you use in your favourite surfboard can impact your overall performance for up to 40%. It's imperative to think about a surfboard finssystem that works in harmony with your board. When it comes to the best and quality fins, FCS II fins are highly recommended for all types of surfers - from complete novices to pro's and world champions. FCS II is the latest fin system technology to hit the market and it brings a brand new tool-less system that allows the fins to clip in and out the surfboard without the need for screws; this stuff is ground breaking and revolutionary. Yakwax has one of the largest selections of FCS fins available to choose from in the UK. All with our incredible FREE UK delivery.

FCS 2 Fins

Fins, also known as skegs, are must have pieces of surf gear as they improve the control and stability of a board. The design of your surfboard fins can give you a high level of performance whether you are a beginner or a pro surfer. Mounted at the tail of a board they are available in numerous setups, but the most common are Thruster, Twin, Quad, 5-Fin Tri Quad as well as Single fins for longboards and retro style boards. As you hit the waves, fins, particularly FCS II fins, work wonders to make the board more manoeuvrable and easier to control.

Team riders include, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Filipe Toledo, Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Gabriel Medina, Adriano De Souza, Julian Wilson and many many more of the world's elite surfers.

How To Install/Remove FCS II fins

For fins to easily install and remove from the surfboard without using any tools, a FCS II detachable fin system is the latest system to hit the market and is currently the only one of it's kind that offers this tool-less clip in and out mechanism. This helps you to swap between fins effortlessly and fast, it's also one less thing to worry about when hitting the waves by removing the need to have screws for your fins. Here are the steps on how to properly install and remove FCS II fins:

  • To install, start with the front and attach carefully to the plug to lock the fin. The 'click' sound will tell if the fin is already secure.
  • To remove, hold the fin and board thoroughly and pull from the back of the fin. A nice little tip the staff at Yakwax have discovered is to hit the tip with a shoe to unclip it from your board as they can sometimes be secured very tightly.

Types of FCS II Fins

  • Performance Core - known to be lightweight and versatile, this FCS fin is designed to have a smooth feel and quick release.
  • Performance Core Carbon - with this fin, surfers can experience smoother turns, delivering a balance, super responsive and fast performance.
  • Performance Glass - has a responsive tip flex and a stiff base designed for long arcing turns.
  • Neo Glass - is a lightweight fiberglass fin that is very responsive for its stiffness. In different wave condition, this fin provides added speed and manoeuvrability.

If you need more information about FCS II fins then please checkout our surfboard fins guide where we go more in-depth and explain everything to get you on the right set first time round.

Bring out the true performance of your surfboard with FCS II Fins at Yakwax. Shop online today and get your order with FREE delivery in UK!