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For many years, Futures fins system has served the surfing industry to a ridiculously high level. Futures single tab fins are classically made to deliver modern day performance and exceptional features for light, quick, powerful and aggressive surfers. These fins are super quick to setup and change, depending on the conditions,using the single screw that secure the fins in place. Shop for Futures single tab fins from top surf brands like Captain Fin Co. and Futures, with a wide range of sizes, cool colours, unique patterns and high-quality materials to customise your ride and style. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Future Single Tab, Slot in Fins

You know the importance of quality surfboard gear when you are in the water or going on a surf trip. Thus, every surfboard must have appropriate fins setup so a surfer can perform at a maximum level. Futures fins aid in this area and allow surfers to push their abilities to the absolute limit.

There were so many considerations when it comes to surfboard fins. But these days, countless fin systems are made available for an array of applications designed with aesthetics and functions in mind. One great example is the Futures single tab fin.

Superb Qualities of Futures fins

  • The single tab system that Futures use allows your fins to fully sit inside the board which, in turn, offers a much more natural and better flex pattern, and more solid feel.
  • This brand has been establishing a strong stable fan base and greatly improved its alternative fin concept especially since they have some of the greatest surfers of all time on their team like John John Florence and Jordy Smith.
  • These fins are considered to be user-friendly; you can easily attach or remove them for a new setup.
  • They are very durable, yet Futures have the lightest fin systems on the market.

For more information about futures fins, please check out our ultimate surfboard fins guide where we explain everything you need to know, including ride number, constructions and fin sizes to make sure you are on the right fin in any given condition.

Yakwax offers the latest Futures single tab fins with different sizes, constructions, features and designs for your special needs, and every type of wave condition. Get yours from top surf brandsCaptain Fin Co.andFutures- all with FREE UK delivery!