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FCS 1 Fins

FCS 1 - Original Dual Tab Fins

Surfboard fins have evolved throughout the years. Modern fins now come in a wide range of setups including the original FCS removable fin system. This system has many benefits and can improve the ability, style and technique of a surfer. If you want your board design and performance to excel in everything from gravelly mushy waves to epic conditions, consider FCS Dual tab surfboard fins so you can easily remove and change your fins from your board dependent on the conditions. Shop for the latest FCS fins and surf gear at Yakwax and get FREE UK delivery today.

Original FCS Dual Tab Surfboard Fins

When it comes to high-quality fins with a dual tab system, FCS is the top choice. FCS or Fin Control System has been considered one of the leading surfboard fin brands in the world for a couple decades now and influencing many surfers since 1990.

FCS fins are available in single tab fins, FCS II and dual tab fins. Dual tab fins have two tabs that can be attached or removed onto a surfboard with just a simple fixation of two small grub screws. If you want to get the most of your surfing experience from different types of waves, the original FCS dual tab surfboard fins got you covered. Furthermore, using dual tab fins can boost responsiveness and flexibility in your overall performance.

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NotableCharacteristics of FCS Dual tab fins

  • Flexible fin that is recognized and labelled as a 'go to set-up'.
  • The ease of which you can swap and change fin setups.
  • Travelling is so much easier with a removable fin system on your board.
  • It combines excellent control, drive and seamlessness to assist heavier surfers.
  • A reliable fin option for all surf conditions.
  • Its overall physical features are well balanced, so you can surf on a wide range of conditions.
  • An excellent combination of power and speed for surfers who are looking for superior surfboard fin performance.
  • Lightweight but durable interior.

FCS dual tab fins are made available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, types and materials fromsuperbsurfboard gear brands including Captain Fin Co, FCS, NorthcoreandNutz. All withFREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!