Branded Skate Components Spring-Summer 2023 Drop Now at Yakwax!

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Branded Skate Components Spring-Summer 2023 Drop Now at Yakwax!


Spring to summer months are the most awaited times of many outdoorsy and sporty individuals. Skaters, in particular, love the warmer months of the year, since they provide more hours of shredding under the warm weather.

Long hours of skating will definitely require thorough inspection of your board and all of its components to ensure safety and more enjoyable hours of riding. A hassle-free skating is all you need during the spring-summer months to fully maximise your shredding time. 

If you're planning for the long hours of riding this season, make sure that you have the necessary skate components on-hand just in case. Ideally, riders should stock up on wheels and trucks, plus hardware just to make sure. Other would have extra boards, particularly complete skateboards or surf skates, depending on their style of riding.

That being said, we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Branded Skate Components Spring-Summer 2023 Drop here at Yakwax! Choose from a great selection of skate wheels, trucks, bearings and surf skate from top brands such as Bones, Carver, Santa Cruz and Spitfire. All with FREE UK delivery when you order yours here at our store.

To see some of these products and similar items in action, watch these rad videos below 

A video tutorial on how to clean your bearings presented by Bones Skateboard Bearings


Ishod Wair riding with the Spitfire Formula Four Classics


The Santa Cruz Australia Skate Team shredding their hearts out in South East Queensland