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Spitfire is a premium brand of urethane skateboard wheels with three decades of existence in the industry. It is one of the most popular skate wheels among pro and amateur skaters, as well as skate fans all over the globe. The Spitfire logo seems to have a life of its own since it is also very popular and identifiable especially among skaters and fans. The company also offers skateboard griptape, bearings, stickers, tools, apparel and accessories. When it's time to stock on new skate wheels, it's best to shop for Spitfire wheels here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery.

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels UK Store

Spitfire is one of the renowned skate brands with a long history in the industry. The brand is known primarily for their vast selection of skate wheel sizes and durometers for all types of skating terrain. The company initially created skate wheels in 1987, but later on included other essential skateboard products such as bearings, tools, griptape, accessories, apparel and stickers.

The brand was founded by skater Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero in California, USA. Around 1988 the company became part of skate conglomerate, Deluxe Distribution, along with other famous skate companies such as Real, Anti Hero and Krooked, among many others.

The equally popular flaming big head logo was originally created by Kevin Ancell, and it has remained as one of the most iconic logos in skateboarding. The Spitfire head has always been deemed one of the best logos in the industry and it always ends up at the top 10 list. In 2016, the flaming big head was #5 in the 2016 list of the “19 Best Skateboard Logos Pictures of All Times” of the website

Spitfire featured a huge team of professional riders over the years including Erik Ellin, Guy Mariano, Andrew Reynolds, Chris Cole, Alex Olson, Nick Dompierre, John Cardiel, Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales, Frank Gerwer, Daewon Song, Dustin Dollin, Kevin Long, Tony Trujillo, Jesse Engel, Lizard King, Sean Malto, Dennis Busenitz, Grant Taylor, Dylan Rieder, Andy Roy, Theotis Beasley, Omar Salazar, Peter Hewitt, Mike Mo Capaldi and many others.

Like most skating brands/companies, Spitfire has released video parts of their team riders, either as an accompaniment for a new product release or as an introduction to the skate team. The most notable videos include Andrew Reynolds’ and Mike Mo Capaldi’s introduction parts in the mock video titled “Sponsor-me”, and Daewon Song’s promotional video, “Enter the Daewon”, for his signature wheel model.

The Spitfire Formula Four

Aside from the usual urethane skate wheels they produce, Spitfire also offers their Formula Four series of wheels. These are tried and tested by their pro team riders to ensure that the wheels meet the high expectations and demands of all skaters.

Formula Four wheels are created for performance, ensuring they withstand more abuse and high demands of skaters. These wheels were developed for superior performance with all the combined desired properties of a great skateboard wheel, minus the high cost and without sacrificing quality.

The Formula Four skate wheels were introduced in 2013, coinciding the release of short clips featuring pro skaters Nassim Guammaz, Zared Bassett, Raney Beres and Dennis Busenitz.

What Skaters (Customers) Say

We’re always on the lookout for the greatest skate products and, every now and then, include our findings particularly of feedback and reactions from other avid skaters. We came across dozens of positive comments about the Formula Four skate wheels by Spitfire, and collectively they have only the best reactions to this product.

Most of the skaters mentioned about the rideability of these wheels, whether on a skate ramp, on the streets while cruising, or at the skate parks. It doesn’t matter what terrain they skate on because the Formula Four wheels constantly perform at their best. Speed and control are also highlighted by some of the hardcore skaters, while others mentioned about the smooth and comfortable rides they’ve experienced.

Overall, these wheels are performing well no matter the terrain and situation, and they are perfect for any type of skater as well.

Collaborations with Other Brands and Individuals

Spitfire, like most skateboard brands, have produced collaborative products over the years. The following are just a few of them:

  • Skeleton Key - The Spitfire x Skeleton Key collab includes 99 DU wheels (1 white/black hand-dyed by Darren Navarrette, and 3 white). These wheels come in 55, 59 MM Bighead shape, and comes with Skeleton Key patch and pin. Limited run only and at selected Spitfire dealers. Apparel include pocket tee, long-sleeved t-shirt and coaches jacket. Accessories include Zippo lighter, sticker, 4” screened canvas patch and 1” button.
  • Skateistan - The Skateistan collaboration is for the benefit of the youth in Afghanistan and worldwide by helping empower and educate the youth through skateboarding. The feature product includes Formula Four wheels classic 99 DU-53MM designed by Lance Mountain, in which a portion of the proceeds go to the program.
  • Deathwish - The Deathwish x Spitfire Burn Fourever collab is a limited edition custom-made Formula Four wheels and apparel.

If you love to skate and are advancing your moves, speed and terrain, it’s best to try what Spitfire wheels have to offer. If you’ve been using them for years and need a new set, you can order here at the Yakwax store. All with FREE UK delivery service!