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Carver is not just another tenured skate brand for they have patented their own truck designs to bring out the ultimate 'surf feeling'. This approach was the result of the need to produce the right trucks for their signature boards in order to achieve that surfing vibe on the streets; thus the 'surf skate' term that's synonymous with Carver skateboards. If you want a unique board that surfs pavements, then it's time to get a Carver skateboard right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

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Carver is an iconic skate brand that introduced the industry to 'surfskate' - a board with patented skate truck geometry that produces deep rail-to-rail carves and thrusts, resulting to a carve dynamic similar to surfing. The brand was founded by Greg Falk and Neil Carver in 1996, in Venice, California. Currently the company also offers regular surfboards, decks, trucks, wheels, apparel, accessories and parts.

If you want to see how the surfskate works, just check out the numerous videos on Carver's YouTube channel. They have special features on their surfskate product line (Carver Skateboards: Ride Review), a Demo Reel and many short videos featuring their team riders surfing the concrete in various cities.

A Bit of Carver History

Like most skate companies, Carver started out as a simple project by two guys who love to surf and skate. In summer of 1995, the two founders only wanted to surf the warm waters after winter-long surfing sessions in the Pacific. But no thanks to the flat waters, many surfers longed to take their surfing skills onto the hard concrete to keep themselves shredding like they used to.

Greg and Neil, like many skating surfers, would resort to shredding the banks and steep lanes of the Venice and Santa Monica neighbourhoods because the concrete slopes are very much different from the blue waves they surf. From the goal of getting their fix, the duo ended up wanting to surf the concrete pavements with the right board to give them a surf-like experience.

The idea started their quest for the right gear, but at the time there's nothing in the market that truly provides the surfing feel the founders are aiming for. There may be hundreds of skateboards out there with the promise of smooth, fluid shredding, but they were not equipped or designed to truly deliver what they promised.

After years of research and development, Carver's founders were able to produce and patent their own truck specifically designed to give a surf-like feel.

Manufactured in the USA

Many of today's skate brands have manufacturing plants overseas. Carver decided to stick to their hometown and roots because they wanted to keep their relationships with local retailers and the community intact. With their foundry and headquarters just within reach of each other, the company is able to handle all aspects of the business - from production to quality control.

If you love skating as much as surfing, Carver surfskate is a must-try to keep up with your shredding and to experience such fluid surfing movements even on concrete! With competitive pricing, surfskate is also super durable and eco-friendly.

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