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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Legendary skate brand Santa Cruz is part of the NHS, Inc. family since the early 70's. Known for being innovate and successfully evolving in the industry, as well as their equally popular Screaming Hand logo, Santa Cruz is considered the oldest continuing skateboard company in the world. For a loyal fan of the brand, it's easier to choose from their collection skate decks, 'cruzers', t-shirts, tops, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts and surf wear to complete one's collection. Get your Santa Cruz skateboards, surf wear and other products here at Yakwax, together with our rad FREE UK delivery service.

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Santa Cruz is the world's oldest, continuously running skateboard brand has over 40 years existence and experience in an ever-changing industry. They are an institution in the skateboard industry with people working with no less than 10 years in the company. Many of them were youngsters who got sponsorships from the NHS, Inc. - the conglomerate that owns and distributes Santa Cruz skate, surf and snow products around the world.

The brand sponsors hundreds of athletes from across the globe and their products are popular among anyone who loves skateboarding. Team Santa Cruz in the USA includes (pro) Tom Asta, Emmanuel Guzman, Josh Borden, (veteran) Steve Alba, Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Jason Jessee, (amateur) Cody Chapman, Mike Curtis and Blake Johnson.

Of course, who can forget when Kyle Wester broke the World Speed Record in August 29th, 2016! He used a Santa Cruz skateboard deck to accomplish this epic feat.

Surfers' Side Gig

The very first Santa Cruz skateboards were amalgamations of various materials such as roller blade wheels and fibreglass boards, among others. They were considered alternative board sports products whenever the waves were flat, so the founders and their surfing friends could shred the asphalt.

The Santa Cruz brand and the NHS, Inc. were co-founded by surfing enthusiasts and buddies Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman in the early 70's. However, it was in 1969 when they originally started the company while supporting their surfing lifestyle by selling fibreglass materials to people who were making boats, surfboards and vehicles. The founders utilised an answering service to take orders while they were out riding the waves, and the materials were delivered to customers later within the day.

Success in the Ever-Evolving Industry

As of late, the Santa Cruz brand also offers snowboard and surfboard products, ranging from technically innovative boards to apparel. This diversified approach allowed the brand and its mother company to withstand the naturally vicious cycle of the board sports industry particularly of skateboarding. The NHS, Inc. as an entire company continuously creates their own path through the most cutting-edge skateboards and snowboards, and fine-quality related gear and apparel.

Indeed, it was never always easy for the company to weather the ups and downs of the extreme sports industry. Much like the original sport the founders' love, getting ready for the wave and capitalising on it is one of the crucial means to stay in business.

The Screaming Hand

The ever so popular logo of Santa Cruz is, sometimes, all it takes for skateboard fans and practitioners to recognize the brand. The "Screaming Hand" was designed in 1985 by Jim Phillips, Sr. As of 2013, Jim's son, Jimbo Phillips, also creates artwork for the brand.

Through the years, the world-famous "Screaming Hand" is incorporated in various Santa Cruz skateboard decks and apparel, as well as in collaborative projects that depict the original logo design or as mixed and matched artistry to represent the collaborating brands and individuals.

Notable Collaborations

The Santa Cruz skateboard brand has collaborated with other famous brands and companies over the years. These are just some of their most talked about collabs:

  • Dela x Santa Cruz - The logoed golf balls out of this cool collaboration are exclusively available only at the Delaveaga Golf Shop. You don't have to be a golf fanatic to get these and the complementing golf disks.
  • Limited Edition Joseph George Fine Wines x Santa Cruz - In celebration of the brand's 40th Anniversary, they collaborated with Joseph George Fine Wines to have their 'Screaming Hand' logo, Santa Cruz Red Dot and Slasher etched onto the bottles of the luxurious beverage. Each artwork design comes with the Santa Cruz 40th logo in gold. The wine is a 2009 Santa Cruz Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, called Domain Eden.
  • Santa Cruz x Stance - The Skate Legends series Pray for Me Redux socks and the Screaming Hand socks are absolutely among the coolest socks in the world; made by the socks experts, Stance, in collaboration with Santa Cruz skateboards.
  • Madson x Santa Cruz - The Screaming Hand sunglasses collection was made possible by the brand's collaboration with Madson of America.

For avid skate fanatics and practitioners, it seems like sin if they do not have any item by Santa Cruz in their possession. Whether you're a practitioner or just a casual skate fan, there's always reason to get one of Santa Cruz's sought-after skate, surf and snowboard products.

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