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Putty Surfboard Repair

One of the most thrilling and exciting activities to do at the beach is surfing. But sometimes, the excitement and fun are interrupted by minor problems like your surfboard getting dinged up. Luckily, you can bring back the fun in no time by using a filler putty to fix any dings you may have and repair the surfboard nice and quick. Get back in the water in no time by stocking up on repair putties among other necessary surf accessories for your next adventure! Browse our awesome selection of tried and tested surfboard filler putties in the market from some of the world-renowned brands like Board Bog, FCS and Phix Doctor. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Filler Repair Putty For Surfboards

Surfboards were just made of wood during the 19th century. As innovations in materials and processes moved forward, surfboard designers and builders came up with lighter versions often made of foam and resins that allowed much more flexible craftsmanship and far superior performance.

This evolution of surfboard materials justified the significance of repair and the essential components associated with it are magnified. One great repair method is the filler repair putty which aimed to improve properties of resins, as well as control potential problems such as dings. The ding repair putty allows this to be achieved in record time as either a temporary or permanent fix.

A ding is what's known as a damage to your board and it can either be a scratch, crack or full-blown hole caused by hitting a rock, bumps or accidental drop resulting a small hump or dimple mark on the surface. Since a surfboard is made of foam covered with layers of fibreglass, cloth and resin, the pressure that hits the board causes the foam to cave in, making the surfboard out of shape and prone to cracks and water absorption.

Here at Yakwax, we have suffered many dinged boards over the years; so we have hand-selected only the very best putty ding repair fillers from Board Bog,FCSandPhix Doctor. Get our killer FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!