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Polyester Resin

Polyester Resin

Whether you're a beginner or expert at surfing, paying attention to your surfboard is crucial to prevent cracks or holes that can compromise safety and performance. From dings to dents, simple bumps to large repairs, polyester resin surfboard repair kits can take care of all these problems. It is worth pointing out that polyester (also known as PU) should not be used on epoxy boards; so make sure you get the right kit depending on what construction your surfboard is. Yakwax only stocks proven surfboard ding repair kits that cure clear, so your board can look as good as new! Browse our selection of surf accessories and repair kits from top brands Ocean And Earth, Phix Doctor and Solarez. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!

Polyester Resin Surfboard Repair Kits

Owning different surfboards is not just about playing with waves every time you go to the beach, but also learning how to look after them in orderto extend their lifespan. Since your surfboards are your pride and joy, knowing how to take good care of them is rewarding in itself and essential for a true surfer to master.

Dings and cracks are just some of the common problems that surfboards occasionally encounter - whether hitting a rock, colliding with another surfboard, or whacking the board against your body during a wipeout. Do not underestimate these small buggers as they can cause more serious problems if left unmended. This is why it is essential for every surfer to have surfboard accessories, particularly ding repair kits wherever surf destination he or she goes.

Consider these six helpful guidelines on how to repair dings on your surfboard:

  1. Make sure you clear out any dirt prior to fixing a ding.
  2. Sand the area that needs fixing including the surrounding areas, this creates a key for which the new cloth and resin will stick to.
  3. Cure the treated area for a specific amount of time (often indicated on kits). Do not sand until curing time has elapsed.
  4. Use masking tape around the ding area to prevent excess resin from spilling outside the repair area.
  5. Finish the repair with a wet and dry sand to smooth out the area and to give it a near-invisible look and feel.
  6. Don't ignore small cracks on your board. Make sure to repair them to prevent irreversible damages and weakening of your board.

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