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Shoe Laces

Who says you cannot change the look of your good old trainers without replacing them? Yep, you can completely alter the look of your skate shoes with new pair of laces. Put the attention on your feet while you shred by jazzing up your trainers with colourful, funky shoe laces. Get them here at Yakwax! We carry some of today's most popular brands in footwear accessories specifically for skaters and sports practitioners. All with FREE UK delivery.

Laces for Shoes

Getting shoe laces these days is more of a fashion trend among youngsters. But for those with active lifestyles, replacing worn out laces on their trainers is a necessity.

But why not combine the two to create a cool new style that grabs attention? This is quite challenging to do with formal brogues and office footwear, especially if there's a strict office wear policy. But for skate shoes, you can do anything you want to make them cooler and fun to watch while you shred.

You can either use rounded or flat laces for sneakers for a different effect. Bright coloured rounded laces create a subtle effect, while the flat ones will surely grab any bystander's attention as you skate. There's also the option of using neon-coloured shoe laces that glow in the dark which are quite beneficial to night shredders.

Get your cool and colourful shoe laces and other footwear accessories right here at Yakwax. We carry some of today's popular brands in the market. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today!