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Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

Footwear is made of different materials, therefore, each type requires different methods of care and maintenance. Accessories for shoes and footwear such as insoles and laces may need certain tools to keep a pair in good condition. Liquid protector for leather or fabric made sneakers and triple sided brush are just some of the essential tools one can use to properly clean and protect your shoes; while garment footwear protector keeps your favourite shoes clean and prevents scratches and minor damages. Yakwax carries quality shoe care products and accessories for adult and young men. Certified excellent items from Footprint Kingfoam and other top brands with FREE UK delivery when you shop here at Yakwax!

Footwear Accessories - Online UK Shop

Footwear is one of the most important accessories we put on our body regardless of our profession and daily activities. Accessories for shoes and footwear give accent and longevity to an outfit no matter what the size a person is wearing at any given time.Various footwear materials, be it made from leather or suede could withstand the test of time if maintained properly. The key to long lasting shoes is not only their original construction but applying products that will take care of everything.


Insoles or inner soles are known as foot beds that can be inserted or removed in a shoe. The first shoe insoles were made of padding and wool designed to avoid strain and foot fatigue. They are originally created by innkeepers mainly for travellers to use in their shoes to minimise pain.

The design and materials of insoles have evolved for so many years and the recent ones are now available in lighter and stronger materials. When wearing your shoes, the insoles usually absorb sweat resulting the existence of bacteria and bad odour. In order to eliminate this, you can thoroughly wash insoles with soap or use odour-fighting products. Yakwax specialises in skateboard insoles to offer high impact protection, this aids in long lasting sessions and longer lasting joints in your body, minimising injury.


Shoelaces have become vital to our daily life ever since we were a child. It became more important as many people got engaged with various sports and activities and now used as a foot protection and to ensure a pair of shoes is well fit. The first shoelaces were made of cotton, leather and hemp but as the production innovates, more laces materials such as polyester, nylon and elastics have made available in the market.

To keep them looking clean, brush the dirt with your hands using a soap or dish washing liquid and let them to air dry. For such a small footwear accessory that is typically overlooked, laces have been a necessity on the people's lives and self expression.

Shoe Protection

Since a well-made shoes is usually expensive, protecting your old shoes will save you more money. To make sure you'll be able to prevent the possible damages, it pays to use a waterproofing compound to keep subjecting your footwear protected from the elements.

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