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Men's Fedora + Trilby Hats

Men's Fedora & Trilby

Many men love to wear fedora and trilby hats because they add serious style to their outfit. Today, both the young and mature guys are benefiting a lot from using these iconic street fashion accessories. Further, we've seen a lot of these hats featured in some movies like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and classic James Bond movie starring Sean Connery. If you want to cross reference your surf, skate or streetwear style with celeb steeze, either fedora or trilby hat can help you achieve it. Order today at Yakwax - we carry top brands including Rusty and others. All with our amazing FREE UK delivery.

Fedora & Trilby Hats for Men

Fedora and trilby hats are two stylish headwear that look almost identical. The most noticeable difference is the size of their brim, with the fedora having a wider brim than the trilby.

A fedora hat is known for its timelessness and classic appeal that can make any man feel and look good. This hat offers good eye protection specifically during sunny days. This hat is best paired with a sleek and smart outfit such as slim-fitting trousers, shirt and blazer. Famous people who have worn a fedora are Prince Edward of Britain (the one who popularised it in 1924), singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Frank Sinatra and Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones movies.

A trilby, on the other hand, has a hip and cooler appeal that is often celebrated for being a 'magnet'. It is worn on the back of the head and off the face for a contemporary style. Because this hat appeals to a younger audience, it is often seen paired with casual wear consisting of slim/skinny jeans, t-shirts and denim jacket. Musicians and younger celebrities love the trilby including Justin Timberlake, boy bands, the Blues Brothers, and in James Bond movies starring Sean Connery.

Perhaps fedora and trilby hats are a notch higher in terms of appeal and style, but you can count on their functionality just like every headwear you'll find here at the Yakwax store. These are great additions to your growing collection of hats that you mix and match with your favourite outfits. Get yours today from top brands Rusty and others, and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!