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A simple outfit can be enhanced with stylish accessories. When talking about fashion accessories, it often starts from top to bottom such as hats and caps, sunglasses, belts and underwear. Each offers individual features to showcase a man's personal style; therefore, how you dress affects the way you accessorise. Complete your surf, skate or streetwear getup with our rad collection of men's accessories from top brands 5 Boro, Brixton, DC, Dakine, Diamond Supply Co., Globe, Hotel Blue, Hurley, Independent, Footprint Kingfoam and Volcom, among many others. All with amazing FREE UK delivery when you shop today!

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The diverse options in men's accessories play a significant role in emphasizing every guy's personal style. Today, accessories such as belts, socks, sunglasses, caps, underwear and beanies no longer serve as simple accessories, but they also tell a lot about the person's taste and character.

Check out these must-have accessories for men that can help enhance a simple getup:


Beanies can help keep you warm on a cold, windy day, or keep you head cool during a warm summer's day. The choice of material makes a huge difference on how and when you wear beanies. Knitted or woven wool beanies made with thick material are excellent during the cold months; while beanies made of thinner fabrics are great for spring and summer months.


Belts are worn for both function and style. Thick belts suit slimmer or leaner wearers, while thin belts are ideal for bigger guys. This accessory helps define the upper and lower halves of the body, as well as the waistline. Ideally, it's best to try different types and sizes of belts to see what fits and enhances your style. Choose from leather, natural woven or braided, webbed and novelty belts that come in various colours and designs.

Caps and Hats

If you want to exude skate, surf or street style, hats and caps can help you achieve it effortlessly. Don't leave home without one and pick anything from 5-panel caps, baseball caps, bucket hats, New Era caps, snapback, strapback or trucker caps in a variety of colours and designs.


A good pair of fine-quality, comfortable socks that match your lifestyle is essential particularly for active guys. Choose from invisible, low ankle, mid ankle, crew, long or tube, and snowboard or ski socks that will complement your footwear collection and individual style.


Like other fashion accessories, sunglasses offer straightforward benefits such as to showcase your personal style and to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight.

Aviator, cat eye, round, square and wayfarer are popular sunglass types with polarised and UV protective lenses that are deemed stylish and cool.


Although not all guys put too much thought when shopping for underwear, this accessory matters a lot in terms of comfort. Whether you're on the hunt for baggy/loose boxers or boxer briefs, material and design matters to ensure comfort and proper fit.

From head to toe, the options are endless and you will definitely find the right accessory for yourself. Not only do they highlight your regular casual attire, but also provide a boost on your confidence and style with ease. Once you have the right accessories together, mixing and matching can be done effortlessly.

Shopping for accessories for men is easier at Yakwax. Choose from the top brands we carry such as Butter Goods, Crupie, DGK, Grizzly, Huf, Iron and Resin, Magenta, Primitive, Rusty, Stance, Thrasher and Vissla, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery!