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Men's Baggy + Loose Boxers

Men's Baggy & Loose Boxers

For the most laid-back guy who loves the outdoors but hates constricting underwear, men's baggy boxers are the perfect option. These loose fit boxer shorts are often hard-wearing, but great as sleeping garment because of their relaxed and airy qualities. Skateboarders, in particular, love loose boxers because of the freedom they provide when shredding at the parks and streets. If you're a skater, surfer or streetwear fashion enthusiast looking for super comfortable underwear, check our rad collection of Diamond Supply Co. and Stance men's baggy and loose fit boxer shorts - all with FREE UK deliverywhen you shop at Yakwax.

Baggy & Loose Fit Boxer Shorts for Men

It's all about comfort and movement when talking about men's loose fit boxers. This is probably the reason why many guys purchase boxers even though they have briefs or boxer briefs in their closets.

Aside from being known as an undergarment for sleeping, guys who love relaxed boxer shorts tend to also wear them underneath shorts, jeans and loose-fitting pants. This can be attributed to the type of activities they do such as sports, gym workouts, as well as running daily errands when comfort is paramount.

Baggy boxers are also among the type of underwear many streetwear aficionados love. We see some of them wearing their pants low, revealing their waistbands. Even though this may not be your style, you will find loose fit boxers quite fashionable and a must-have in your accessories collection especially these days.

You can find them in 'loose fit' without much of the pleating, which make them great for wearing with almost any type of pants for either work or play. If you're looking for a new pair of men's loose fit boxer shorts to match your active lifestyle, check out the collection at Yakwax from top brands Diamond Supply Co.and Stance - all with FREE UK delivery and 5-star customer service.