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Branded Skateboard Wheels and Wax for Spring-Summer 2023 Now Available at Yakwax!


The spring-summer months are reason enough to go out and shred your heart out! But with the longer days and warm sunshine, you will need to stock up on essentials to keep you riding. 

Among the top most skateboard necessities are wheels and wax that should always be handy whenever you ride. Wheels will always be available, both online and offline; but having a set within your reach will keep you skating without hassles. There are many skate brands that formulate their very own signature wheels, and among them are Ricta and Bones skateboard wheels. Both companies are renowned all over the globe, and they are just two of the go-to brands of professional and amateur skaters. They offer a variety of wheels based on the skater's needs and style of riding, and have their very own formulas to keep up with the evolving techniques and various terrain.

Perhaps one of the most essential and yet underrated accessory is the skate wax. For riders who love grinding on rails and edges, this is a must-have whenever and wherever they go. Skateboard wax ensures those surfaces are smooth and easier to glide; so having a stash of wax in your pocket or backpack is always beneficial. One of our top-selling skate wax here at the store is Ganj Wax. Yes, the name says it all, but it is truly one of the favourites among pros and ams out there! They also come in various fruity scents, so don't be fooled by the name.

So, if you're all set for the longer days of shredding and grinding, and everything in between, check out the latest drop of skate wheels from Bones and Ricta, and skate wax from Ganj Wax. All with FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax when you order online!

Also, make sure to check out these rad videos of skating pros to see how Bones and Ricta perform on the street and in the bowl! 

Bones Wheels presents French skater and "vert" champ Édouard Damestoy


Yuri Facchini rides and grinds with Ricta Wheels