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Ganj Wax

Ganj Wax

It’s no joke to start a skate company, but Ganj Wax surely had the luck and all the support it needed via Instagram to continue as an award-winning skate wax company. The weed-themed skate wax they produce are reminiscent of various types of weed. And as the Ganj website and Instagram state it is “40% ganj, 20% wax – the rest is history”.

Ganj Skateboard Wax - UK Store

What started as a lengthy Instagram joke has evolved into a skate company that reaped the attention of skaters world-wide. Ganj wax was established in 2016 in Manchester by founder and CEO Jethro Coldwell. The goal was to introduce a variety of ganj-based wax to the UK (and across Europe) that would lubricate ledges for riders, so they can enjoy skating to the fullest. 

While the exact history and ownership of Ganj Wax is still unclear due to the covert nature of the business, the brand was able to assemble a great team of riders including Dom Henry, Kyron Davis and Korahn Gayle, among many others. And of course, who will forget the hilarious fictional celebrity endorsers such as ‘Lou Weed’ (RIP), ‘George W. Kush’, ‘Vladimir Zootin’ and ‘Ray Winstoned’. 

Substantial Skate Wax for a Fair Price 

Reading dozens of reviews and comments about Ganj skate wax, one of the most common is that they have a heftier or more substantial wax at a better price. Also, after years of experimenting with various formulas, the company has come up with different fruity scents and sizes. 

So, if you need a wax that can make you slide on a ledge you’re eyeing, let the weed-shaped Ganj wax do its magic. Order yours today here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!