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Ricta skateboard wheels are among the fastest in the market today. They're known for creating a wide variety of wheels using high-energy urethane formula (NRG) that results to non-cored skate wheels. These wheels are professionally tested and proven more resistant to flat spots. Take it from the numerous positive feedbacks given to Ricta skate wheels - they are durable, great for power sliding, and let you ride smoothly. Another great thing about these wheels is their fair price. Enjoy skating with great pop and performance with Ricta wheels - available here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery!

Ricta Skateboard Wheels - Online UK Store

Skateboarders all long for speed, whether shredding the parks, streets and uncharted terrain. This is why the proper set of wheels play a vital role in achieving smooth rides without compromising on quality, performance and cost. The ideal brand to go for is Ricta skateboard wheels since they offer a wide variety that could fit the diverse requirements of different skaters.

Founded in 2002, Ricta successfully placed itself in the competitive skateboarding industry thanks to its high-quality, non-core top-performing urethane wheels. They are known for being more resistant to flat spots and for withstanding the toughest punishment by riders.

Physically, Ricta skate wheels come in white and coloured sets, depending on the type or model you choose. They are also available in an array of hardness ratings, sizes and pro model designs to ensure they fit the right type of rider.

You can never go wrong with Ricta skate wheels with the options they offer. More importantly, they also have a great team of riders who shred with their high-performing wheels on a regular basis. These high-caliber skaters include Arto Saari, Blake Johnson, Brandon Westgate, Brodie Penrod, Chaz Ortiz, Daryl Angel, David Gonzalez, David Loy, Dylan Williams, Garrett Ginner, Kechaud Johnson, Kelvin Hoefler, Manny Santiago, Maurio McCoy, Nyjah Huston, Patrick Tucker, Sewa Kroetkov, Tom Asta, Tommy Sandoval,Tristan Rennie, Yoshi Tanenbaum and Yuto Horigome.

Wheel Categories (Variants) to Suit Every Skater's Needs

You might find it challenging to choose from the wide variety of Ricta wheels. But they have been designed and produced with purpose, and with specific riders in mind.

Below are some of the popular categories and overviews of their features to help you out:

  • Slix - This is a Tom Asta pro model that grinds faster and longer. It combines Ricta's NRG formula with custom moulded TPU side insert for thrice the slip and minimum drag.
  • Electro Duotones - This series of wheels come in 52mm, 53mm and 54mm. This is among the fastest wheels in skateboarding which also uses the NRG urethane formula. These wheels are great for shredding the streets and skate parks.
  • Clouds - The most extensive series is the Ricta Clouds which provide nice smooth ride and easy pops up and down curbs, allowing you to do some of your favourite tricks. These are grippy wheels that won't slide easily and they are ideal for cruising on the streets. They are available in various sizes, ranging from 52mm to 60mm and in two sub-categories namely Cloud Duotones and Crystal Clouds.
  • Naturals - Like all Ricta skate wheels, the Naturals series are great all-around wheels for both street and park shredding. They come in 52mm, 53mm, 54mm and 55mm. You can choose between the Ortiz, Loy and Johnson pro models if you want to up your ride and enhance your overall performance.
  • NRG Pro Design - The NRG pro series feature high-energy urethane skate wheels that are engineered for top performance. Available in 52mm, 52mm and 53mm, and Santiago, Asta, Gonzalez and Huston pro models.
  • Pro Speedrings - The Nyjah Huston 52mm Speedrings are non-soft cruiser wheels which feature structural 'flex rings' that prevent bearing deflection which allows you to successfully roll away from more tricks.

There are plenty of skateboard wheels out there, but Ricta wheels are among the most popular and highly rated, not just by pros but by regular skateboarders who simply love the sport. Their diverse models allow riders to try and see which will work properly for their riding style.

If it's time to get a new set of skate wheels, make sure to try Ricta wheels. Get them here at the Yakwax store, together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!