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Zero is a skate brand that is deeply rooted in the industry. With over two decades of producing decks, completes and apparel, the company's goal was to break the mediocrity in skateboarding in its early days. Their products are specifically designed to appeal and represent the underdogs and rebellious side of skateboarding roots. Zero's no-nonsense approach to design may not appeal to other skaters and/or parents of young shredders due to their bold and sometimes 'unrefined' graphics. If you love rebellious and intriguing design on skate products, Zero is one of the brands to go for. Get them at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service!

Zero Skateboard Decks & Clothing - Online UK Store

For over two decades, Zero skateboards and apparel have been providing the world with some of the most intriguing and edgy graphic designs in the industry. With underdogs in mind, the founder wanted to represent those who are in such situations and the rebellious roots of skateboarding, in general.

Apart from skateboards and decks, Zero's repertoire of products now include apparel (jacket, tees, socks, hoodies); accessories (beanies, DVD sets, stickers, caps, bearings, griptape); and bailout packages consisting of 3 boards set at $109.99 only (where the customer picks his desired board sizes, while Zero picks the graphics).

Zero, like most skate brands, have released videos featuring their team riders. The very first video they shot was "Thrill of It All" in 1997. Subsequent videos followed after a year or more after each release, and these include "Misled Youth", "Dying to Live", "New Blood", "Promo", "Strange World", "Fresh 'til Death", "Cold War" and "No Ca$h Value".

Much like the aim of all other skate brands, the Zero team riders bring interest and inspiration towards the brand by not just appearing on their cool videos, but wearing and using their products wherever they go. This group is comprised of both professional and amateur skaters namely Jamie Thomas (founder), Dane Burman, Tony Cervantes, Tommy Sandoval, James Brockman, Adrian Lopez, Windsor James, Kurt Hodge and Chris Wimer.

Zero - an Independent Skate Brand

The brand was founded by pro skater Jamie Thomas in 1996 and, initially, was just a clothing company. Afterwards, Zero evolved into a skate company providing decks, apparel and complete skateboards to their loyal fans all across the globe.

Thomas opened a factory in Tijuana, Mexico in 2003, named "Edieth and Osuna" to produce the skate decks of the entire Black Box brands, including Zero. After Black Box dissolved in 2014, Thomas partnered with Dwindle Distribution until the end of 2016. When the two parted ways, Dwindle was still handling the sales and distribution of Zero skateboards until the transition from being a distributed brand to an independent brand is complete.
By mid-January 2017, the brand situated in Carlsbad, California and had been running as an independent brand. They are now setup as a small operation that sells and distributes Zero skate products independently, with focus on going small by serving the best distributors and accounts.

Why Zero Skateboards are Among the Top Choices of Pros and Amateurs

Aside from over two decades in existence and their amazing team riders promoting their products through action-packed videos they put out, Zero is one of the industry's trusted skateboard brands. They've grown popularity over the years besides making clothing and they've placed themselves among the ranks of top-rated skateboard-makers when it comes to build and performance.

Manufacturing 7-ply decks is a standard among brands. What makes Zero different from the rest is their slick coating at the bottom of their decks for 'better slides'. Their strong, dark and sometimes controversial designs are remarkable and often talked about among skaters.

Another noticeable trait of the brand is their lack of tech hype. They don't typically use super hyped up, techie adverts, promos and announcements anywhere; unless, of course skaters decided to talk about it among themselves for the purpose of debate.

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