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Women's Thermal Rash Vests

Women's Thermal Rash Vests

For the belle of the seas who has a knack for thrashing chilly ocean waves, you need women's thermal rash vest to protect you from the cold. Designed as a layering device the same way you would in the mountains, a thermal rash vest adds considerable warmth for such a thin garment! This is because of the progressive materials used and the cut in which the rash guard is made to fit. Be warmer when surfing, playing in the ocean or partaking in any water sport activity. Shop online at Yakwax for ladies thermal rashies and get FREE UK delivery.

Thermal Rash Vests For Women

Thermal rash vests are highly sought for the protection and warmth they provide. They are great to wear in and out of the chilly waters, and you can benefit from the advanced technology they use. It really is incredible how much warmer you are when wearing such a thin piece of material underneath your wetsuit.

Women's thermal rash vests seem to exude a sexy cool vibe especially among women surfers and divers. These tops are definitely made for function and style, but they also add a bit of edge to the wearer. Even if you wear it with a bikini bottom or stretchy swimming shorts, you will look like a beach babe without even knowing it.

These thermal rash guards for ladies have become quite common at the chilly beaches around the world. Perhaps it's the overall protection they provide that many women are adding these high tech rashies underneath their wetsuitsor accompanying them with bikini bottoms.

There's also a good amount of SPF protection when you wear it on a chilly, but sunny day at the beach. If you need one for your next surfing or diving adventure, check our collection from top wetsuit and water sport brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery!