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Women's Full Length Wetsuits

Women's Full Suits

For women who love to surf, full wetsuits are ideal especially in the cold winter months. Often made with 4mm to 6mm neoprene, women's full wetsuits are engineered to meet the demands of the wearer while protecting her from the freezing water and the risks of rashes and other types of discomfort. When warmth is of utmost importance while shredding, you should wear the proper attire in order to do what you love best. Get the latest women's wetsuits right here at Yakwax! We carry some of the most popular brands in surf wear such as AlderandXcel. All with FREE UK delivery!

Full Length Wetsuits For Women

When the cold winter months cannot stop you from shredding, it is essential to wear the proper attire to protect you from the freezing waters and the risks of getting board rashes. Choosing women's full wetsuits instead of a shorty version or an even lighter wear such as boardshorts and neoprene jacket will not only allow you to be in the water for long but can also save you from hypothermia.

Women surfers are as badass as their male counterparts, so wearing appropriate surf wear is the ultimate solution for protection from the biting cold. Women's wetsuits are designed to insulate the wearer while staying in the water for long periods. Thanks to neoprene, the material that keeps the wearer warm and comfortable, many women surfers are enjoying their sport with less worries and hassles while shredding the waters.

Paddle boarders, water skiers and other female water sports aficionados are also among those who require women's full wetsuits. It is always a necessity to protect the body from freezing temperatures especially when treading the cold ocean water. The reaction of the body and movements are always affected by the cold, so it's necessary to cover up with the proper attire before you hit the waters.

Get your women's full wetsuit right here at Yakwax! We carry some of the most popular brands in surf wear such as Alder and Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery!