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WKND is a young skate brand that specialises in fun, colourful decks, apparel and accessories. Establishing the brand was the next best thing to do, but the ideals and values already existed among the crew that happens to be avid skaters themselves. If you love skate products with wacky, silly and fun designs, WKND decks and clothing should be on top of your list. If you also love skateboarding videos with the same characteristics, they have a huge collection of them as well. Get WKND skate products here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery service!

WKND Skate Apparel and Decks Shop

WKND is a skate brand that started in 2014 when a bunch of crazy and fun-loving group of friends realised that having their own small company could turn their ideas into reality. The company was founded by Grant Yansura, a videographer for Nike SB, and Raymond Molinar, a former Habitat pro.

The company's hard and soft goods feature popular 90's imagery from the music and film industries. Don't be surprised to find Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on skate decks, or characters from Boy Meets World.

All is done in good fun, so if you're into hilarity and doesn't mind incorporating humour into your skating, a WKND skate deck, accessory or t-shirt is a great addition to your overall look.

From the 'Weekendtage' to WKND the Brand

The founders and their buddies were originally creating hilarious weekend videos which they post online. Being a videographer, Grant would video shoot the guys as they shred the streets and parks, and the footage was aired on no less than The Berrics. Their regular slot at the acclaimed skateboarding website is dubbed Weekendtage.

The brand and company name was based on the Weekendtage, but the founders wanted it to be different in such a way that people will recognise but not confuse it with their skating videos.

It was a play of words, or should we say letters in this case. It wasn't too complicated for the guys to formulate the four-letter brand name and create the minimalist logo (the square).

It's a Working Crew

Both of the founders have skateboarding embedded in their day jobs, so it was a natural step forward to incorporate what they know and love to do into something more worthwhile for them and their buddies.

The WKND crew are hands-on in creating fun and comedic designs on their skate decks, accessories and apparel. But don't let the funny designs and wacky concepts fool you, for their products are made of quality materials to meet the market's distinct demands. The guys in the team all work - from creating the artwork for decks and apparel, to shipping their customers' orders. As Grant mentioned in a behind-the-scenes video, if you skate for the company you work for the company.

And of course, come weekends, the guys go out and create skating videos full of action and crazy antics. The WKND riding team is consist of the founders Raymond Molinar and Grant Yansura, and their skating buddies Johan Stuckey, Austyn Gillette, Christian Maalouf, Alex Schmidt, Taylor Caruso, Andrew Considine, Trevor Thompson and Jordan Taylor.

First Pro Release

Perhaps the confusing part of having an initial 'pro' release was when skateboarding fans thought Eric Koston joined the WKND crew. This wasn't the case, though, for the pro skater only worked with WKND for several days on their first pro deck and t-shirt. The Koston deck and tee were only available for a limited time.

While it seems like a fun-filled company, especially when you watch their Weekendtage videos and interviews, WKND is serious when it comes to business. They are still in the growth phase, but there are plenty of reasons to watch out for them in the years to come.

If you love a bit of silliness and a hint of whimsy on your skate deck and clothing, WKND is one of the go-to brands we recommend. Get them right here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!