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Von Zipper

Von Zipper

Von Zipper is a California-based brand that specialises in premium eyewear, goggles, accessories and soft goods. Their products are prominently endorsed by some of the world's popular extreme sports professionals in motosports, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding categories. However, VZ products are not just directed toward athletes and personalities, but also to those who appreciate innovative style, individualism and different subcultures. Though the brand became a subsidiary of Billabong, Von Zipper remained true to its core - combining unique fashion-forward products, marketing approach, people and relationships to exemplify 'the good life'. Shop for Von Zipper products right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

Von Zipper Sunglasses UK Store

Much like the brand's co-founders, Von Zipper or VZ is all about personality, freedom to enjoy life and individualism. The company started out and focused mainly on sunglasses and goggles for snowboarders, surfers and motosports. Acquired by Billabong as an upstart company in 2001, the brand still remains an independent brand with most of its original founders and staff on-board.

Over the years, Von Zipper created other products such as apparel clothing and accessories that perfectly complement their eyewear line. Organically, the brand transcended all ages and lifestyle preferences since what they have are products that fit every type of individual.

Apart from having a team of mostly boardsports professionals, VZ shades, goggles and other offerings are not exclusive to such sports. You'll see lots of casual folks sporting their cool shades and other accessories on the brand's social media accounts, so we can assure that their products are for everyone.

The company's team of ambassadors include (surf) Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, Donavon Frankenreiter, Tanner Rozunko, Josh Burke, (snow) Halldor Helgason, John Jackson, Hana Beaman, Tor Lundstrom, Brendan Gerard, Redmond Gerard, Scot Brown, Matt Sterbenz, (motosports) Josh Grant, Kasey Kahne, Tyler Bereman, (stunt guy and TV personality) Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuna, and (wakeboarding) Raphael Derome.

Seizing Opportunities, Being Weird and Not Following a Standard Formula

Von Zipper was founded by Chris Burke, Greg Tomlinson and their friends, in early 2000 in San Clemente, California. The founders were fascinated by the do-it-yourself mindset and the allure of freedom of doing the things you love. Being boardsports enthusiasts themselves, the founders saw the opportunity of creating a product that doesn't follow the usual norm at the time.

We've heard/read of the term 'unemployable' more than once particularly among brand founders in the surf, skate and snowboard category and some of the founders have said so themselves on various interviews. GT (Tomlinson) is no stranger to this situation, so he thought of starting his own brand together with his pals, so they could have job security.

Having business partners who know the ins and outs of the biz is indeed crucial in starting a company; but inspiration is also essential for the founders since they wanted to take a different path.

Seeing an untapped opportunity in the marketplace, for them, means not following the usual formula that everyone else is following. The founders wanted to be the sort of weird fashion brand to action sport, at the same time be the quirky sport to fashion. However, the story should not end there since they are a brand that transcends subcultures and demographics.

It's All About the People

Perhaps the defining quality that sets Von Zipper apart from competitors is their awesome relationships with the people they work with. Starting with the athletes they sponsor, they recognise and respect their talents and individual personalities. GT even mentioned on an interview that it doesn't matter if they didn't have the very best athlete since he'd "rather have the second-best guy who's the life of the party than a jackass jock who got to the top".

It's also fun to hear from retailers that they were able to sell so many VZ products. But more importantly, it's more fun to know that many people actually liked and bought their products.

We certainly couldn't agree more!

Plus, their shades and goggles have the high-end appeal most customers wanted without the high price tag. Find yours right here at Yakwax and receive our superb FREE UK delivery service.