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Vissla surf clothing and Wetsuits brings a much needed freshness to the surfing world offering incredible style that is all about the pureness of surfing along with high performance created with premium materials. Backed by some of the biggest players in the industry brought together on a shared vision of creative innovation. Yakwax is beyond stoked to be part of the Vissla UK Family, the future is extremely bright! Shop today and get FREE UK Delivery on all surf wear.

Vissla Surf Wear Fashion Clothing & Wetsuits

Vissla clothing is the fresh new brand the surf industry has been crying out for for over a decade. Bringing creative innovative ideas and a forward thinking philosophy, it is sure to be a huge hit. Vissla surf clothing represents the current and new generation of creators and innovators whether it be riders, shapers, designers or casual everyday shredders and lovers of originality.

Vissla clothing offers a huge passion for that do it yourself mentality within the surf culture world, backing some incredible surfers in the likes of Cam Richards and up and coming craftsman that like to think outside the box and not stick to the norm.

The People Behind the Scenes at Vissla

Vissla was founded by Paul Naude who was responsible for taking Billabong to it's greatest heights when it was valued at $3.7 billion in 2007. He was the licensee holder for the Americas and responsible for bringing in more than half of their revenue. With him for the Vissla ride is former co-worker Derek O'Neill and a whole host market leaders from some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Von Zipper and Dakine. It truly is a super star lineup behind the scenes who have all been there and done it all before.

Vissla will be bringing all your favourite styles such as T-shirts, Knits, Boardshorts along with walk and hybrid shorts, a great selection of fleeces, hoodies, jackets and accessories to top things off like caps and hats. They also have wetsuits and an array of other funky products.

Now they have a fresh blank canvas with Vissla to let their creative juices flow and bring to market one of the most exciting new surf clothing brands we at Yakwax have seen in the last decade.

Types of Vissla Products

Vissla offers a full range of fashion wear from T-Shirts for men, Hoodies, Shirts, shorts and Boardies as well as a great range of accessories to compliment the clothing perfectly. If it's a bit cold outside you may want to keep your head snug in one of their beanies or on the flip side if its a scorching summers day then check out the range of Vissla hats & Caps.

Vissla Wetsuits

Wetsuits was never top of the agenda when Vissla was founded but after an outrageously successful first couple of years where their wetsuits filled a gap in the market that was being sorely missed they have had a slight tweak in their approach. The popularity that Vissla suits have gained has led them to ramp up their range with an already outstanding quality being improved each and every season. Now with the collaboration with Be Wet (world leading Japanese wetsuit manufacturers) they bring one of the most impressive high performance wetsuits to ever hit the surf market!

Staying true to their roots and thinking about the environment with everything they do, Vissla have also released a number of incredible ECO Wetsuits for those wanting next level performance in the water whilst putting back in to sustainable materials and being environmentally concious and aware.