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Responding and fulfilling the need for non-cosmetic, athlete specific sun protection products are the primary reasons why Vertra was born. Their line of high-quality foundation-based, non-greasy sunscreens for surfers, swimmers, paddlers, watermen and water-based sports and outdoors practitioners are made to protect the skin for longer while enjoying their favourite activities under the sun. Vertra sunscreens are tried and tested by world-class water sports athletes to ensure they are meeting the quality and high standards that the industry requires. Shop for Vetra sunscreens here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service!

Vertra Sun Protection Products - UK Store

Sunbathing is definitely a leisure that, unlike water sports and activities, does not require hours-long staying at the beach and in the water. However, the cosmetic industry's quest to provide the most effective sunscreen to the mainstream market is amplified by the rise of skin cancer over the past decades.

High SPF sunscreens are readily available and being endorsed by top models and celebrities all over the world with a like-minded slogan that aims to protect and prevent harsh effects on the skin. However, for action sports professionals such as surfers, paddleboarders and snowboarders, Vertra is the sunscreen brand that meets and goes above and beyond the standards of the cosmetic industry when it comes to adequate sun protection.

The brand was founded in 2004 by a group of Hawaiian surfers, headed by co-founder Bobby Higa. They did three years of research and development, before shipping their first product in 2007. During those years, many of Hawaii's active water sports athletes are already using sunscreens from various cosmetic/designer brands that are typically sold in department stores. The founders thought about this and wanted to provide a sunscreen that athletes can buy directly from sports/surf shops.

Filling the Void for Water Sports Athlete-Specific Sunscreen

If you're a water sports athlete, you definitely need sun protection to lower your risk of skin cancer. While cosmetic and drugstore brands are abundant, their sunscreens do not meet the specific needs of individuals like you. That's why Vertra was created to close this huge gap in the water sports and action sports industry, as athletes were pushed to use mainstream brands that are inadequate and more expensive if you sum up a year's worth of use.

Vertra sunscreens are different in many ways because they are specifically formulated for water sports. All of their products are tried and tested in various environments and with the help of some of the world's renowned action sports athletes.

With personal experiences and testimonials from the likes of three-time World Champion Surfer Mick Fanning, World Champion Paddler and Super Waterman Kai Lenny, and Legendary Pro Surfer and Big Wave Charger Shane Dorian, Vertra sunscreens have adequate credentials to offer their products to professional athletes and the masses.

Like their company mantra "What's good for the best is good for the rest", Vertra has got everyone covered - from the typical beach-loving individual, to swimmers, surfers, paddle boarders, wakeboarders, snowboarders, cyclists, lifeguards, and anyone who enjoys hours of sun exposure.

"Elemental Resistance" Product Line

Vertra formulated cosmetic-grade sunscreens that offer natural-looking visible sun protection products which are easy to carry and apply, lightweight, non-greasy and with wearable qualities similar to cosmetic foundation.

There are two main categories to choose from, with two sub-categories each to further match your sun protection needs.Vertra Tinted Series provide foundation-based sunscreen with optimum broad-spectrum protection against detrimental UVA rays and skin-damaging UVB rays.

  • Face Stick SPF35 - comes in natural beige tone which also helps indicate that the product performs at its highest level
  • Face Stick SPF50 - has translucent formula which smoothly glides and blends evenly into the skin; ideal for those who want to maintain a natural look
  • Signature Series are collaborative efforts of two of the world's greatest surfers and Vertra Elemental Resistance.
  • Face Stick MF SPF28 (Mike Fanning signature stick) - clear, lightweight foundation-based facial sunscreen; fragrance-free, pigment-free and clear on the skin
  • Face Stick SD SPF38 (Shane Dorian signature tint) - an infusion of medium beige and gold tints that matched Dorian's skin colour; with citrusy fragrance reminiscent of Banyan and citrus trees of Kailua-Kona

When you need the fine qualities and benefits of high-end sunscreen especially formulated for surfers and water sports professionals, Vertra is the number one choice that truly meets the industry's high standards.

Start protecting your skin the proper way by shopping for Vertra sunscreen here at the Yakwax store. All with FREE UK delivery service!