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Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe

If you take your hair style seriously whether it be a slick back, quiff, messy, pompadour or smart look then you will be stoked you've discovered Uppercut Deluxe! Uppercut is our best selling hair pomade here at Yakwax thanks to their premium formula that allows you to achieve incredible styles no matter what your look is! If you want the very best then don't miss out on the full range of luxury grooming products for men by Uppercut. Shop online today & receive FREE UK Delivery only at Yakwax.

Uppercut Deluxe Male Grooming and Hair Products - UK Shop

If you're someone that looks for fine style from quality products then you won't want to miss the chance to take a peak at the Uppercut Deluxe hair styling collection. Uppercut create a fine selection of male grooming products for the gentleman that takes care of his look and style as well as standing out from the crowd, someone that embraces uniqueness whilst still having a passion for traditional values.

Created using a special formula put together by barbers themselves to offer a premium product that not only looks but works to a higher quality than any other grooming product on the market.

Types of Uppercut Deluxe Hair Styling Products

Uppercut has a full range of products to cater anyone looking for that premium quality look no matter your hair length, type, thickness or how you like to style it.

Deluxe Pomade (Red Tin)

First up is the Deluxe Pomade, this is their number 1 selling product across the entire Uppercut collection offering that stylish traditional look that you can't obtain with waxes or gels. It's a water based product with a strong hold but without that stiff bristle look it also gives off an awesome looking medium to high shine. The most popular styles when using the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade and what it's most suited for is controlling and defining any hair looks but in particular Pomps, side parts and slick backs. It truly excels for any hair type of medium length. It's also worth noting that as it's water based it's not an itchy or uncomfortable hair product, it also washes out with ease in the shower which is a nice little bonus.

Monster Hold (Black Tin)

The Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold product does exactly what it says on it's radical tin, offering extreme hold for all types of hair. For anyone needing hold and control that's as hardcore as Frankenstein looks then this is the one for you. The finish is that of a waxy medium shine that offers a heavy and strong hold that is perfect for any style. It's a petroleum based product so can withstand anything you throw at it whether it's a big night out or a 6 hour sweaty skate session in the middle of a hot summers day.

Matt Clay (Grey Tin)

The Matt Clay option is a great choice for those with difficult to control hair of any length especially if you prefer that messy or textured style. It offers a strong hold like the Pomade and Monster Hold but the matt clay is the most re-workable product in the collection which is especially handy if you have longer hair. Like the Monster Hold the Matt Clay is a petroleum based product so will handle whatever you throw at it no matter if your going for a long summer shred or you're wandering round in some dodgy winter weather after a windy surf.

Featherweight (White Tin)

The featherweight product is the one you want if you have shorter hair and looking for a textured style or messy look. Like the name suggests it's a lighter feeling and looking product but still offers you that grip and premium look that you've come to expect from all Uppercut products. It offers a natural dry looking matte finish and like the Pomade is a water based so washes out with ease in the shower and is nice and easy to clean your hands after application.

Other Male Grooming and Hair Care/Styling Products

Along with their premium collection of hair styling products Uppercut also produce a fine range of deluxe hair care/styling and male grooming goods. These can be benefited not only by the man who takes pride in the look of his hair but also the guy who takes care of his skin or moustache.

Lets begin with the Quiff Roller hair brush. The quiff roller will be your best friend when it comes to hair preparation no matter if you're going for a slicked back look, sharp side parting or large quiffed up pomp. Complimenting the quiff roller perfectly are the combs available in the back to basics black colour or the highly stylish tortoise shell brown.

For the man that takes pride in his facial hair then the Mo Wax has got you covered. It doesn't take much more than a dab from this little pot of magic to show your moustache off in it's finest form, a mo isn't just for November it's for all year round!

For hair treatment and a generally great looking mop then the Uppercut Shampoo and Conditioner are essential for regular use. Formulated to perfectly compliment their range of quality hair styling products the shampoo and conditioner not only revive your hair but make it more manageable for that next rocking style. They come with a peppermint scent which is refreshing in itself and the shampoo can also be used as a body wash due to it's cleansing properties.

Whilst you're in the shower getting your fresh on the perfect item to compliment this is the un-fragranced 100% natural soap bar made from Goats milk and Oatmeal which works as an awesome natural exfoliation to cleanse your skin leaving you feeling fresh and frothing to get out.

Uppercut Deluxe UK Shop for male hair products and grooming accessories

On top of this fine selection of accessories and grooming products Uppercut also offer some awesome items that aren't just aimed at the gentleman with a head full of hair such as their matte finish Aftershave Moisturiser that leaves you feeling fresh and clean, minimises oiliness and reduces the appearance of large pores over time just to name a couple of its key benefiting features. The perfect partner to the aftershave moisturiser is the Uppercut Shave Cream that's formulated to create a thick lather containing Eucalyptus and Coconut oil for added blemish control. It has a low fragrance allowing you to add a splash of your favourite scent post shave.

To finish off the collection answer me this... what is something you do every single day? Yep they have thought of everything with a natural wooden toothbrush to keep those pearly whites gleaming bright whilst having the environment at the forefront of their vision.

A Little Bit About the Founders of Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut was founded by lifelong friends Steve Purcell and Luke Newman in their native Australia. The pair grew up surfing and skating every day and eventually both learning a trade and becoming fully fledged barbers. They soon realised that there wasn't a particular set of products that worked for the styles and looks they were cutting so set about creating something themselves. At the forefront of importance when starting the brand was quality quality quality. This was not going to be an average product that kind of did the job ok they wanted something that truly excelled in achieving they and their customers were after and in 2009 after a full year of trial and error development they created their very first pomade.

To add some substance to this they drew upon the things they love most which consisted of Surfing, Skating, Traditional 50's inspired barbershops and of course Newman's grandfather Willy O'Shea who's nickname was the driving force behind the brand "Uppercut".

Willy was a well known travelling boxer and the pair wanted to draw on his story that resonated in a great manor with people the world over. Willy was well know to coin the phrase "a hard beginning maketh a good ending" which is a motto they have lived by not only since starting the brand but with everything they have turned their hands to in life. To Purcell and Newman incorporating Willy as the story behind Uppercut was essential, You've got to pay your dues to really enjoy the good times!

Here at Yakwax we stock a full range of Uppercut products so that you can accomplish every style you desire, should you need any further info on the products please don't hesitate to get in touch as our staff are pretty hands on - we've used all the products and continue to do so on a daily basis.