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Underwater Camera Gear

All action cameras are waterproof, but there are several that can be used underwater for scuba diving. Nevertheless, if your main purpose for getting one is to capture videos of you and your buddies' surfing sprees and other water adventures, then it's okay to get a waterproof action camera with minimal water depth limit (less than 50 metres). Don't forget to also purchase an appropriate mount, so you can record everything hands-free. Get your underwater and waterproof action cameras by GoPro. Available at Yakwax with amazing FREE UK delivery!

Underwater & Waterproof Cameras

Video recordings of water sports and underwater adventures have never been this epic, thanks to numerous waterproof action cameras and accessories today.

With the ever-growing popularity of surfing, scuba diving and all kinds of water sports, the need to capture the moments is immense. This is understandable because underwater and waterproof video cameras enable the casual adventurer and amateur videographer to capture the action and adventure using a small, portable and easy to use device.

Depending on your type of water sport, it is essential to match your favourite activity to the capabilities of a waterproof action cam. If you're an avid scuba diver, it's ideal to use an underwater action camera that can withstand depths of up to 50 metres (around 164 feet) or more.

Basically, being waterproof is one of the characteristics of action cameras since these devices are designed for extreme sports and outdoor adventures. Whether on land, water or snow, make sure to capture the greatest adventures of your life on video.

Prepping for your next epic adventure? Make sure to capture the moments using underwater or waterproof action camera by GoPro. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!