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Polish skate/street wear brand Turbokolor is renowned for the artistic and expressive style that are very much represented on their products. Influenced by skateboarding and eastern culture, music, arts, individuality and the environment, Turbokolor has a unique style and appeal that both skaters and street style aficionados appreciate. If you need a brand-new style that highly exudes art and culture, this is the ideal brand for you. Shop for Turbokolor clothing right here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery!

Turbokolor Skate & Street Style Clothing

Turbokolor was founded in 2007 by Polish artist and designer Pawel Swanski. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, the brand's design aesthetic is constantly influenced by individualism, heritage, music, arts, city and the environment. Together with his crew of artistic friends, they continue to produce art-inspired street and skate wear for the global market.

The brand is also referred to as "a hardworking artisan's company" and we couldn't agree more. Turbokolor has evolved through the years and grew up with its founder, but their focus on expression remains strong. You'll find these expressions through their designs on various sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shirts, tees, caps, vests and accessories.

The brand's team includes Swanki (artist, designer, art director, illustrator), Nawer (artist, activist), Will Barras (artist, illustrator), M-City (artist, activist) and Lucas Beaufort (artist, activist, skateboarder).

Vicious Kids Zine

Turbokolor's founder created the Vicious Kids zine as a way to document and publish their own interpretation (and perhaps, self-expression) of their passion for art, skateboarding, culture, street style and all other influences that evolved with them through the years. Currently there are dozens of these zines which showcase other artists, skaters and people within their circle of friends and community.

Collaborations with Artists and Other Brands

  • Ryski - Landscape architect and illustrator Ryski who lives and works in Pu≈Çawy, Poland have collaborated with Turbokolor to create some of the brand's coolest short- and long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Nawer - Although Nawer is part of the team, he has collaborated with UKM records to create the Nawer x TK x UKM records clothing collection which includes a vinyl and jacket.
  • Haslam - Canadian pro skateboarder Chris Haslam collaborated with Turbokolor to create a collection of t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, outerwear/jackets and shirts.
  • Andy Jenkins - The Wrench Pilot for TK Co. was a collection with the design based on a comic book (Wrench Pilot was published in Transworld Skateboarding magazine in the 90's). The collection includes print for pre-order, No Comply Tee (black), Ollie Tee (white), Ollie Baseball T-shirt (white), and No Comply Hoodie (black).
  • Novesta - Novesta is one of the world's top-ranking shoe brands and it offers a huge selection of professional and trendy shoes made with premium natural materials. This collaboration with Turbokolor includes rain coats/jackets and shoes.

If you love artsy designs on skate and street wear, you will love the appeal of Turbokolor apparel and accessories. Let it be a part of your latest wardrobe and skating must-haves by ordering today at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!