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Tiki is one of Europe's longest-running and biggest surf brands, with over 50 years experience in the industry. They offer a great selection of their own brand of surfboards and wetsuits, as well as other leading brands known in the industry. Tiki surfboards, accessories and wetsuits are tried and tested in their UK test facility. When you need new surf gear and accessories, Tiki is one of the most reliable when it comes to quality and style. Get them here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Tiki Surf Accessories Online UK Store

When searching for excellent surf products in the UK, one of the highly recommended brands is Tiki. They have over 50 years experience in creating surf products ranging from surfboards to wetsuits, to apparel and accessories that match the constantly evolving needs of the core market.

Tiki is not just a brand and store carrying their own products, but a company and one-stop surf shop that also carries multiple surf brands to offer more options to UK-based surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Tiki Surf - a Pioneering UK Surf Brand

The company was established in 1963 by Tim Heyland and Dave Aldrich-Smith. The very first surfboard created by Tim was made from timber and shaped on the beaches of Brazil. He returned to the UK and joined forces with Dave in setting up a surfboard production business in South Wales. In 1968, they relocated the facility to North Devon.

In the company's formative years, they didn't have suppliers for the necessary blanks and materials which prompted then to develop their own. They also sourced out fibreglass from various merchants, and secured licenses to produce boards such as Bing, G&S and Weber in the UK through the help of Dave's California contacts.

Tiki is truly one of the UK's most storied surf brands that have some of the most prominent professional surfers as team riders including big wave rider Andrew Cotton.

The 60's saw Tiki produce their own foam and supplied most of Europe's blank requirements. The 70's was all about shortboards and the 80's was focused on fluoro; while the 90's marked the beginning of the tech revolution which led the brand to where it is today.

The evolution of the surf industry is well-represented in Tiki's products, whether they are new surfboard shapes or the latest innovations in boards, fins and other essential items.

Superb Range of Surf Products

As mentioned earlier, Tiki is not just a brand of excellent surf products, but they also have a physical store in Braunton, North Devon showcasing many of today's iconic surf brands to support the growing population of surfers in the region.

Focusing on the Tiki brand, they have their own line of surfboards, wetsuits, SUPs, bodyboards, surf accessories and apparel.

  • Surfboards - Aside from the most popular brands and shapers, Tiki offers a great range of surfboards for beginners and to the most advanced surfers. Such boards are built using the company's innovative bamboo-carbon composite - one of the industry's most advanced technologies.
  • Bodyboards - Tiki offers some of the best and most cost-effective bodyboards for groms and beach-loving adults. Professionals and serious bodyboarders can choose from some of the top brands the company carries.
  • SUPs - For stand-up paddle boarders and for those who want a new way to strengthen their core, you can choose among the brand's collection for wave riding and flatwater enjoyment.
  • Wetsuits - A wide range of wetsuits for men, women and kids are available at Tiki's online and offline stores. Choose from a wide array of winter and summer wetsuits, thermals, gloves, hoods, vests and shorts as well; all from Tiki and their great selection of top notch brands.
  • Apparel and Accessories - If you are to complete your full range of Tiki surf items from head to toe, they have a great selection of apparel and accessories to suit your lifestyle. You'll find hoodies, t-shirts, watches, vehicle straps, rash vests, board bags, leashes and other surfing necessities.

Many surfers trust Tiki as a brand that provides the finest quality products. With their decades of existence and success in the constantly evolving industry, it is often rare to find a company with such staying power, legacy and evolution as Tiki Surf.

If you are among those surfers who rather stick with an iconic brand, Tiki is one brand worth considering for your next purchase. You can order their surfboards and accessories here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.