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Thermal Bottoms

Thermal Bottoms

Thermal bottoms and base layer underwear are necessary for skiing and snowboarding because they are designed to help muscle compression; control body temperature; wick away sweat and moisture from the skin; and provide lightweight protection from the elements. The best selections of quality ski and snowboard base layer bottomwear often comes from renowned brands such as DC and others. Browse our collection of snowboard thermals and apparel to see what fits your snowboarding style. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop here at Yakwax!

Thermal Bottoms & Base Layer Underwear

For those who love skiing and snowboarding, thermal bottoms and base layers are an essential apparel to wear in freezing mountain destinations. They are worn under trousers or salopettes and are made with polyester or nylon and spandex which allows a fairly snug fit to compress muscles and control body temperature by keeping the warmth in. Thermal and base layer bottomwear use premium materials that help wick moisture and sweat away from the skin; thus, keeping you warm, but dry all throughout your skiing or snowboarding session.

Compression base layer underwear also helps in muscle recovery. Lactic acid builds up in the body during and after doing certain movements and would cause stiffness and soreness of muscles. By wearing a compression base layer, the muscles recover at a much faster rate. Moreover, keeping the muscles warm when you're out there in the snowy slopes helps prevent injuries and allows you to do sick moves while snowboarding.

Thermal bottoms and base layer underwear are essential part of snowboarding apparel especially if you are vying for a career in this sport. Make sure to browse our collection from top brands like DC and many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!