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Tensor skate trucks are known for their progressive qualities starting with the range of materials they use to achieve better riding experience and feel. Tensor aluminum trucks are longer lasting and durable, while magnesium trucks (Mag Light) are lightweight and come with sliders for those who love nose, tail and blunt slides. If you want skate trucks with low or high designs, lightweight with unthreaded axle ends, and offer smooth grinds, Tensor trucks are excellent options. Get them here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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Innovation in the skateboard industry is nothing new. Over the years, skate companies have learned that the only way to appease the constantly evolving needs and prowess of skaters is to be technically innovative. One such brands that knew exactly how innovation will work to the skater's advantage is Tensor.

Tensor is a world-renowned skate trucks brand under Dwindle Distribution. It knows exactly what skaters need when it comes to doing tricks and the right type of trucks that will fit such feats. It has been mentioned a few times on various interviews that Tensor trucks were made specifically for flip tricks and for better skate tricks in general.

Founded by pro skater Rodney Mullen in 1999, the brand was well-thought of in terms of creating something legit, different and beneficial to skaters. He didn't want just any other skate trucks brand, but something unique and would help him specifically in doing his tricks. He wanted a truck that doesn't turn like all other trucks because they are already available, and he doesn't want anything copied either.

When you browse the internet for Tensor trucks, they are often touted as the best trucks for grinding and they are among the lightest as well. You will find the brand's team of pro riders doing their favourite tricks using these trucks to fully accomplish their aim. Team riders include the founder himself Rodney Mullen, Joey Brezinski, Daewon Song, Andrew Brophy, Cody McEntire, TJ Rodgers and Zered Basset.

Notable Design Features of Tensor Trucks

  • Polymer Baseplate Slider - Tensor's polymer baseplate sliders are advertised as the better alternative to aluminum versions because they are replaceable and they slide better.
  • Baseplate Nibs - These are 'fangs' designed and present on each baseplate to dig into the skateboard to help prevent the trucks from shifting when the mounting hardware loosens.
  • Interlocking Bushings - A patented design is used to develop a flange on the bottom cushions that connect to the top bushings, stabilising the truck in place.
  • Buttonhead Kingpin - To prevent the kingpin from spinning in the baseplate, grade-8 buttonhead kingpin with constructed spines. This type of kingpin is lighter than the industry standard hex kingpin.
  • Bearings - The co-branded Oust-Tensor bearings are among the popular hardware offered. The two brands also developed experimental trucks with enhanced components.
  • Hollow Elements - Tensor's kingpin bolt and axle have hollow designs to abolish material weight and to increase the trucks' overall lightness.

The Lightest Skate Trucks

First there was the Response which was released in 2007. It had an all-metal design structure forgoing the original truck design's plastic baseplate sliders. It was touted as "the lightest skate truck" during that time.

In 2008, Tensor Mag Light, the brand's lightest truck design was released using magnesium and believed to be 25% lighter than the average standard trucks.


Tensor collaborated with several individuals and brands over the years. These are just a couple of them:

  • Nomad Skateboards x Tensor - This collaboration is across continents, joining an American and European brand to create limited series of trucks in celebration of Nomad's 10th anniversary.
  • FVTVRA x Tensor - FVTVRA wanted only the lightest trucks for their skateboards as they aimed to have street oriented trucks with killer radius, while resisting the stress of modern skateboarding. This collaboration resulted to 5.25 and 5.5 casted trucks with exclusive Mag Light hollow kingpin and axle construction.

Tensor trucks are definitely different from the rest, hence the varying reviews we've seen across cyberspace and among the skaters we know who use them. As mentioned earlier, these trucks are made specifically for kickflips and to do better skate tricks minus the hard grinds on curbs and ledges.

If you're into kickflipping and other technical tricks, Tensor trucks should be on your next shopping list of skateboard hardware. You can get them right here at the Yakwax store, all with FREE UK delivery!